Dan Barends Photography: I have worked with Susan on the photography end while she was the stylist, which allowed me to see her styling from behind the scenes. She is such an expert when it comes to fashion. Her skill set is equally complemented with her cheerful and fun demeanor and her friendly personality. If you want the real deal in a stylist, you need to work with Susan. 


Megan W.: The most helpful part of working with you were the tips you gave me about how to wear color/pattern, accessorize and choosing sizes. I’ll be honest, everything I put on I think twice about those particular tips and see your smiling face. I consider myself plain Jane and I wear the same things so you’re opening my eyes 


Melissa H.: I love that you don’t gravitate to just women for style. You have helped my men in clutch moments make some very unique and fashionable trendy decisions.


Sarah D.: I appreciate the fact that you listen to what I am saying about my style while also giving me a little push for things you feel will add a little glam to my wardrobe without stepping away from who I am as a person.


Melisa V: I really enjoy your eclectic style and the finesse you have bringing it all together. You offer a fresh perspective on fashion for this Fashionista.


Courtney L.: You opened my eyes to options with existing clothes and helped me in cleaning out my closet with 0 judgement. True care and compassion in every piece we talked about. You’re a gem!


Nadia L.: You are so positive and confident in your ability to find clothing that will look fabulous on any body. I felt empowered by your compliments and am more willing to step out of my comfort zone.


Jessica K.: For me, all the decision-making involved in shopping for clothes is exhausting! You took that burden off of me by selecting a handful of clothing items suited for me so that I didn’t feel overwhelmed.


Emily K: You were just so patient, and incredibly willing to make sure I found the perfect pair of shoes. The experience felt like we were just hanging out and talking about unicorns emojis, and we were able to stumble upon the dream shoes without forcing anything to work. There was no pressure, it was just so fun and eye opening of where I ended up at the end of the day. Certainly beyond all expectations 🙂 xoxoxo!