Sean S.: I knew I needed to address my wardrobe but wasn’t really sure how to do so effectively. I found Susan on thumbtack and am truly grateful that I did. She made the process of removing ill-fitting and outdated clothes from my closet incredibly simple. We spent three hours choosing new clothes – something that despite my prior aversion to shopping Susan made easy and enjoyable. She is warm, engaging and highly professional. I will be working with her again!

Rebecca B.: Susan helped me with a closet makeover to update my wardrobe for a new job and it was a great experience! She was super flexible around my busy work schedule and very responsive to emails. When she came over, she took the time to understand my wardrobe needs and questions. She went through every item in my closet and helped me decide which pieces were still working, which were past their prime, and which ones were not doing anything for me! She has a great sense of style and helped me think about ways to wear some of my new pieces in a different way. She also was very honest (but still gentle and warm)- which is so important because your friends and family may not tell you the truth if something does not work for you. I can’t wait to go shopping with her!

Chris W.: “We are always prioritizing our time. Family/Friends.  Kids.  Work.  One area of my life that I had de-prioritized was my wardrobe.  I just did not have the time to spend in a store shopping and usually I was very disappointed at the whole shopping experience.  Over the years that lead to my closet filling up of clothes that were functional but not personal or reflective of me.

Then I asked Susan provide her personal design talents.  Wow! What a difference!  I now get compliments on my clothes all the time at work and home! After listening to my needs, Susan was able to pick out several outfits that not only looked great on me but stayed within my budget.  She stretched my comfort zone of what I perceived clothes to be like by picking some great designs, bold colors, and even polka dots. And most importantly, she explained why these outfits work the way they do.  They quickly became some of my favorites!

So if you are looking for some new clothes to add to your existing closet or, like me, looking for a complete fresh start, I highly recommend Susan’s personal design services.  With her fashion forward thinking and personalized attention your wardrobe will never be the same again!”