Susan Padron is a personal stylist, style blogger, wife, and mom living and working in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Her clients include men and women with a wide range of budgets and body types. The goal for everyone she works with is to help them look and feel amazing.

Susan has been a personal stylist for her friends and family for as long as she can remember. Everyone she worked with encouraged her to pursue it, and in March of 2016, she finally listened to them, and started building her business. In June of 2017, Susan left her job as a teacher to pursue styling full time.

Since her official launch, she has been published, styled photo shoots, held group style events, collaborated with fellow entrepreneurs, and worked with men and women all over the east coast.

In addition to her love of fashion, Susan is a musician/music teacher, traveler, movie and book lover, cute fluffy animal cuddler, and has similar food cravings to that of a unchaperoned five year old at a birthday party.

Having taught middle school for seven years, Susan also has unlimited patience, and accepts any challenge that is brought her way.