Helping women find their individual style is what I do. I help moms and girl bosses in the Philadelphia area go through their wardrobe, get rid of what no longer works, show them new outfits from their current clothes, and then create a plan to purchase pieces to add to their collection. Those are the basics of what I do, but there is so much more to it than that. (No, this isn’t just a pitch to hire me.)


This morning, a good friend sent me a link to this article in Philly Mag. Instead of just responding with an email or in the comment section, my friend and I both thought a blog post would be the best option!

The Philly Mag article focuses around the fashionista, Emily Goulet, who recently became a mom. Now her “former life” clothes, no longer work with her new mom lifestyle.

My reply to the author is, “preach, girl!”

After my son was born 3 years ago, I thought, “ok, just a few more months, my pre-baby weight will be achieved, and I can go back to wearing all of my beautiful clothes, that I love so much.” (Feel free to laugh at my naiveté regarding how quickly one can lose baby weight.)

I’ll spare you all of the details, but I eventually was able to fit into quite a bit of my old clothes (never got back to pre-baby weight, which is fine), but a lot of my old clothes, like Goulet no longer worked with my new/current lifestyle.

Even before becoming a personal stylist, I was always stylish. I had a wide range of machine washable and dry clean only clothes. Clothing care directions and fit aside, some pieces were just out of the question, because I now had a baby to take care of.

Now here’s where the “mom disconnect” happens. I am convinced that there is something ingrained in us, as women, as moms, that says, “if I dress in sweatpants or leggings or some form of athletic attire, it shows the world how hard I work.”

Moment of truth: IT DOESN’T!

That being said, not every moment needs to be glamorous either! Balance can be achieved, even through the chaos of being a mom. You need the RIGHT clothes, and you better believe I’m not talking about leggings and shapeless sacks. To share one example, get a good pair of jeans that have some stretch to them! This way, they will work with your post baby body, and then they will still fit well after your body continues to change.

Also, find ways to make your life easier, so that you can dress well. It’s completely acceptable to have an “I have lots of time” vs “I have a minute, maybe less” hair/makeup routine. People who I have met have been shocked to hear that I am a mom – their reasons? Because my hair and makeup look nice, and I am dressed in an outfit that is stylish. (Remember, stylish and trendy do not have to be the same thing.)

While I appreciate that these people were trying to give me a compliment, and had the best of intentions, I have made it my mission, as a personal stylist to remove the sloppy mom stigma. I mean, it makes complete sense for my “stylish mom revolution” to happen now – millennial influencers and celebrities/models have made “mom jeans” stylish, so the timing is perfect!

Still struggling with your style identity now that you’re a mom? That’s ok. That’s where I come in.


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