Here is some (not so) top secret information from your favorite personal stylist. I have been talking about writing this post about my confessions for quite some time now, and I’m glad that I finally have it all together.

I wear ugly pajamas.

I am not stylish all the time. Up until recently (and only out of necessity), my pajamas consisted of patterned (old) pajama pants and a concert t-shirt, or a t-shirt I acquired from a trip (my two favorites being one from a coffee shop in Stone Harbor that has “Decaf” in the universal “prohibited” or “no symbol”, and a shirt that has “Maine” and a moose on it. No, I’m not kidding.) These are paired with my (no longer) sparkly, gold slippers that have been worn to death, and will be replaced once JCrew restocks them next month.

This is exactly why, when I am going through my client’s wardrobes, I specifically tell them that I do not need to go through what they wear to bed or to workout.

Every woman wears/needs spanx

Spanx are nothing to be ashamed of. Period. What I like about Spanx, is I can wear form fitting dresses, and not have to worry about sucking in my stomach, or any weird lines created by my underwear, or my thighs rubbing together when I’m wearing a dress. I think most women would be shocked to know how many women with different body types actually wear spanx/shapewear. When I posted a Facebook status about putting on spanx, (“Just pulled a muscle putting on my spanx…anyone else? No? Just me? Cool cool cool…”), I had a lot of people confide in me that they were shocked that I wore them too. Umm, I’m a mom, I love food (especially pizza and ice cream), and I’m struggling to find motivation to work out, OF COURSE I wear spanx. Plus, it provides the glorious perks that I already described. If your personal stylist tells you that the skirt or dress you’re trying on would be perfect with some shapewear, believe her, and don’t be offended. It’s not an insult, it’s something we all wear to feel a little bit more confident.

“Am I your most difficult client?”

Every. Single. Person. that I work with, thinks that they are difficult or the most difficult client that I have ever had. There’s (almost) always a brief period of time, when a client and I are working together for the first time, that’s a little awkward, because I need to get to know them, in order to help them find their style. This requires me to decode what they tell me, their body language, and then factor in their body type and budget to determine what clothes I should select for them. If a client is having difficulty communicating or is more guarded, this process can be challenging for me. However, I always make sure that they are happy in the end, and they’re always surprised at how much fun they had working with a personal stylist.

Dry shampoo and coffee are my inanimate best friends

I have friends. Being friendly with people is a HUGE part of my job. However, if I were to exclude those real people, and identify best friends, and these best friends were inanimate objects, they would be dry shampoo and coffee. Both of these things help me get out of the house quickly, and create the illusion that I can function like a normal human being, even on days when I’m sleep deprived for one reason or another.

Stylist incognito

Right now, while I am currently typing this, I am not glamorous. It’s rainy, but hot outside, and I’m sitting in a Starbucks attempting to be productive. I do not have any stylist related appointments today, and it’s gross outside, so I am rockin’ a style I frequently refer to as, “stylist incognito”. I am wearing my favorite distressed boyfriend jeans that are a size (or two) too big (translation: extra comfy), an awesome t-shirt by¬†Paul Carpenter, my every day jewelry, and sandals. Nothing about my look today says, elevated. Granted, the jeans and t-shirt are both very cool, but today, I’d like to blend in more than I usually do. Unless I know that I am going to be active with my son or I’m working out, I don’t wear activewear or sweats out in public, so this is as comfy casual as I get. When I really don’t want to be recognized, I also cover my tattoos.

Yes, I have my own style, and yes, it changes depending on the day.

My style varies depending on my mood. When I am meeting with clients, or I have other appointments as a stylist, I like to look the part. I make sure that I am confident in what I am wearing, and my outfit shows that I am a personal stylist. I really enjoy mixing different styles rather than having one specific look. I also love that my tattoos help with that. I could wear an outfit that is super feminine and delicate, but with my tattoos exposed, my appearance is totally different than someone without a half sleeve.

I love bright florals, heather gray, neon, black, pink, pleats, ruffles, studs, embroidery, sequins, leather, suede, vegan variations, laser cut, polka dots, modern, vintage, edgy, feminine, grunge, dresses, skinnies, skirts, distressed, boyfriend jeans, loafers, stilettos, sandals, boots, polished, funky, classic, and there’s probably even more that I’m leaving out. My point is, I enjoy all of it. You’ll see me wearing all of it (not at the same time). It all reflects me.

You don’t have to pigeonhole yourself into a specific style genre, just like you don’t have to only like one type of food. Some days, all I want is a cheeseburger and fries, and other days I eat overnight oats and vegan stir fry. Be in tune with yourself, and allow your style to be an extension of who you are and how you’re feeling.

That being said, if you feel like shit, don’t dress like shit. Stylist tip: dress up a little when you have to go out and you’re not feeling great (emotionally or physically). It will actually help improve how you feel. You’ll stand taller, and throughout the day, you’ll feel better. Trust me, try it.


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