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The hot, humid weather is a constant reminder that summer is still here and going strong! So, before I start talking to you all about fall fashion, I want to tell you about one of my many obsessions – sunglasses.

Now, most of you know that I wear glasses. My prescription isn’t bad (translation: I can see without my glasses), but I do get headaches, when I go extended periods of time without wearing them. I haven’t made the investment into contacts yet, mainly because I like my glasses as an accessory.

My go-to pair of sunglasses are prescription sunglasses that I wear basically all the time. But, I have developed a pretty intense sunglasses collection, because I am a sucker for a great pair. (I also have a problem with collection moto and bomber jackets, but we’ll come back to that in the fall…especially since I just got an AMAZING addition to that collection, oh, it’s beautiful.)

Part of my collection includes 2 (what used to be 3, but I gave that pair to Kim) aviators. I really enjoy aviators. My problem is that I love how they look on everyone else . However, on me, they make my face look droopy and sad. With my bone structure and face shape, that angled, downward triangular oval (is that a thing?) shaped lens just does bad things to my face. Not all of us can look as amazing in aviators as Tom Cruise and his boys in Top Gun (let’s all take a moment to think about the time when Tom Cruise wasn’t viewed as a crazy person, and was just a good looking man and a decently talented actor). I digress. After talking to people like my sister, I realized that I am not the only one with this dilemma (enjoying aviators but not being able to wear them).

Then the brand Quay entered my life! Super trendy, chic, sunglasses, that are on sale often, sold at Nordstrom in addition to their brand’s site, and good quality. What more could you ask for in a pair of sunglasses? So, I wanted to share the brand with you, because I feel like every time I have complimented someone on their sunglasses this summer, they have been from Quay.

I went to Nordstrom last week and did some shopping, and I actually found a pair of aviators that worked for me! Being a stylist, I had to figure out what it was about them that made them work. They weren’t the traditional shape. They almost had a modified cat eye look to them (which is one of the most versatile shapes for any face type, BTW). So, I made a little collection of my current favorites, and wanted to show them to you! Let me know what you think!

Which ones are your favorite?
To check out the details on any of those pictured above, click on the sunglasses that you like, and it will link you to the site where they’re sold! Some of them are even on sale!!

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