Quick little disclosure before we start: This is a sponsored post, however, all of the opinions included are my own. 

Dresses are my favorite summer staple…ok, they’re my favorite year round staple. It’s one piece that instantly makes you look polished and feminine. So, when I had the opportunity to choose some pieces to try from Zaful, I immediately started looking through their collection of summer dresses.

If you’re a frequent visitor here, you probably read my post about some fun picks from Zaful already on this post, which included pieces like a velvet dress.

The first dress that I picked out for myself, is the Ruffle Hem Striped Belted Dress:


I love how feminine this dress is with the ruffles, the tie in the back, and the belt. Stripes (and florals) are my favorite, so I’m sure none of you are surprised that I added a (another) striped dress to my collection of summer dresses.

Striped-Dress-Philly-StylistHere’s me in the dress (and my little honey bunny photo bomber in the bottom right). So, the dress is shorter than I would normally wear. Working in a school for 7 years has made my skirt hem comfort zone just above the knee, so showing this much thigh took a little getting used to.

I wore this dress on a jam packed day filled with lots of driving, running around, and styling related appointments. Especially with how hot it has been lately, this dress was great! I felt comfortable wearing it in the heat, because the dress breathes, and I felt fun and stylish in it too, because of the details! I threw on a pair of peep toe wedge booties, and I was ready to tackle my day.

The second dress that I picked out was a little less typical for me. I can’t tell you the last time that I purchased anything tie-dyed, but I have been seeing darker tie-dyed print dresses, similar to the Tie-Dyed Trapeze Slip Dress, and I have been intrigued. I like to push my clients out of their comfort zones from time to time, and in order to not be a hypocrite, I do the same thing to myself when I shop.


My initial concerns about this dress, was that it has been quite some time, since I wore a slip dress. They are back in style, and honestly, this one was the perfect way for me to rock this style. While it has spaghetti straps, and the material is thin (like a true slip dress), it’s not sheer, it hugs my body exactly where I want it to, and it flows away in the right places too. It is SO comfortable, and I can’t wait to wear it again.


(It’s also worth noting that I wore it to run errands and style a photo shoot, got rained on because my cute little umbrella has died, and I can’t bring myself to replace it (it’s bright pink with little lip stick kisses all over it), and this dress stood up to those challenges!)

When you inevitably check out Zaful to do some shopping, you’ll also see that the price points are pretty incredible. Have fun browsing! Let me know what you pick out for yourself, or if you want me to make some choices for you!



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