Do you hate to shop? Does the idea of trying to find clothes that fit you stress you out? Maybe you’re just too busy to shop for yourself, because there are so many other people and things in your life that take priority. Instead of continuing to live your life avoiding shopping (or dreading it), do yourself a favor, and hire a personal stylist.

  1. You think they’re too expensive, and you can’t afford it. (spoiler alert – that’s not true!)

While some personal stylists work exclusively with high profile clients (aka famous people), there are other personal stylists that work with regular people, like yourself! Most stylists also provide different services, which can range in price points.


  1. They only shop at expensive stores.

Speaking from my own experience as a stylist, I truly make an effort to get to know my clients, so that I can tailor (no pun intended) their clothes to their personality (and their budget). I have no shame in assembling an outfit that may have pieces from Nordstrom, Anthropologie, Target, and DSW. It really depends on the needs of the client, and where I can best find exactly what we’re looking for. Sometimes that means picking out elite designer pieces, and other times, it means seeking out the best sales for quality brands!


Also, it’s important to recognize that you may have preconceived notions about the price point of a store, and never even go in, because you’re already convinced that you can’t afford it. A stylist can guide you and help you find the stores that match your budget.


  1. They only work with women.

So, this one is true sometimes…but not all the time! I have worked with male and female clients, and I love working with both equally and for different reasons. Some personal stylists exclusively work with one gender rather than both, but the most important thing is to find a stylist that you enjoy spending time with (because chances are, you’re going to be speaking with them quite a bit), and that can help you find what you need.


  1. I’m too old for that!

Does that mean that when a person turns a certain age that they stop shopping and just eventually die in their current wardrobe that they’ve had for “x” amount of years? Yikes, that’s a depressing thought. I hope not! Obviously, as you age, your wardrobe needs change, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still be able to express your personality through your clothes! A stylist can help you do that in a way that fits your personality and lifestyle, no matter how old/young you are.


  1. I can shop for myself.

Of course you can. Working with a personal stylist just makes the whole process significantly easier (and faster too)! They are aware of what is currently in stores, what will be in stores later, and current trends. Personal stylists know exactly where to find what you’re looking for, and what will look great on you, because they are constantly shopping.



Since I have been a personal stylist, I have lost track of how many men and women I’ve seen waiting for someone in a dressing room looking like they would rather get a root canal performed on them without the use of anesthesia by a drunk sloth than answer the question, “do you like this?” one more time. So, do yourself a favor, stop torturing your significant other, and hire me…I mean…a personal stylist.

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