Denim comes in many different shades and colors, and for some, it can be tough to choose the right shade for their outfit! For this post, I’ll just talk about the three main shades of regular blue jeans – light, medium, and dark. These are commonly referred to as “washes” (light wash, medium wash, dark wash jeans). (All of the tips provided in this post can be used for men and women!)

Just like when I’m enjoying a flight of beer, I’ll start light and then go dark.

Light wash jeans have been making a strong comeback alongside the other 80’s and 90’s trends. They immediately give a more casual, daytime vibe, and they look best when paired with a lighter top. Keep your shoes light too in order to make your outfit look cohesive!


If you do decide to wear a medium or a darker colored top with light wash jeans, balance out your look by going with a similar tone in your shoes. This helps with transitioning light wash into an evening look.
Medium wash, as expected, can be worn for day or night. Depending on the style and the top that you pair with them, they can either look more casual or a little bit dressier. These medium wash boyfriend jeans are definitely more casual, because they are a looser fit, and they’re cuffed.
I’ve saved my favorite for last! I am a huge fan of dark wash jeans. They are an absolute must have for men and women. Dark wash jeans give you the comfort of being able to wear jeans, but show that you have put some effort into your outfit. They are a great way to make you look effortlessly stylish, especially if you wear a more formal top – like a blazer or a button down.
How stunning does Julia look fromĀ Gal Meets Glam?
Dark wash jeans should be what you wear if your job has a “dress down” day (and jeans are allowed). Trouser jeans, which pass as dress pants, look very similar to dark wash jeans, which is why they can appear to give a dressier appearance. I also like to suggest dark wash jeans to my male clients when they’re going out on a date.
I just love it when you can put something on, and it just makes looking good seem so easy!
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