Plaid is still going very strong as a trend, especially since winter doesn’t seem like it’s quite ready to leave just yet! (I’m going to blame the snow for the delay in this post). So, how do you wear plaid without looking like you’re about to go line dancing or chop some wood?

You need to add modern elements to it, to avoid feeling like you’re wearing a costume. My first suggestion is to wear dark wash jeans. If you missed last week’s post about different washes of jeans, click here! Dark wash jeans will make it look more put together and slightly dressier, and while you might dress up to go line dancing, you definitely wouldn’t to chop wood.

Next, make sure that you are NOT wearing boots. Whether they are cowboy boots, knee high boots, or work boots, they are not acceptable. Men can get away with something like these:

Ladies, I would suggest wearing booties like these:
The next step is for my ladies. What also helps make plaid look more stylish is adding another print, specifically – animal print! The easiest way to add animal print is with a clutch or a purse.
This is how I rock plaid
I decided to keep my outfit low key and my accessories to a minimum. I wanted this look to embrace the casual feel of the shirt. I could easily throw on a blazer and a statement necklace, and this look goes from casual to business casual. Making that transition, I would also tuck in the shirt.


All of the Padron Zoo members decided to crash my photoshoot yesterday. Primo stayed the longest, and he’s currently sitting next to me as I’m writing this! He’s the reason I’m a dog and a cat person.
Anyway, if you’re new to plaid, try going for more neutral colors within the shirt. Stick to shirts that only have two or three colors at most, and that will make you feel much more comfortable with the pattern.
This gingham shirt from Jcrew is a great gateway plaid for any newbies out there!
This spring plaid shirt from Jcrew is perfect for most guys, no matter their skin tone or hair color!
Kind of obsessed with this shirt… I’m pretty sure that my next male client may end up with this in his wardrobe…or Tony may just need it.
I am also loving the frayed hem on this shirt from Forever 21. So edgy and on trend!
Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let me know!
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