This past weekend, in addition to working with some new clients, I also had the pleasure of working as a stylist for the photoshoot, “Lost in a Daydream” for Stellar Design. I met the designer, Keyonna Butler through PHLbloggers! She was seeking out a stylist for an upcoming photoshoot in Philly, and I jumped at the opportunity! I couldn’t be more glad that I did!

I had so much fun working with a wonderful group of talented, creative individuals! We were brought  together by the amazing, Keyonna! Her clothing is up-cycled clothing that incorporates bright colors and so much joy! I think it’s Keyonna’s energy and love for her designs that created such a synergistic photoshoot!

I love all of the aspects of my job, and as much as I love modeling for my blog, it was nice to not have to worry about what kind of weird and awkward faces I’m making (and then being photographed).  It was fun making sure that all of the clothes and accessories were being showcased perfectly, and the models, Marissa Kowalski and Sam Thomas  were just the sweetest! They are stunning, and were total troopers, especially considering how cold it was, while we were shooting!

The photographer, Senia Lopez was also very patient with me, while I popped in and out of her shots to fix a strand of hair that went out of place, or make necklace or pant leg adjustments. Her shots are also beautiful, and I’m honored to share them with you all!

 All of the denim was hand painted by Keyonna! I love the vibrance and fun of it!
Look at that booty work!! Get it, girl!!

I have to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to Crystle Skinner of Styles for Miles for letting me borrow these gorgeous flower crowns and gold crowns! As soon as Keyonna sent me the pictures of the garments and the mood board for this photoshoot, I knew right away that Crystle’s accessories would be absolute perfection!

If you want to see more incredible designs by Keyonna, check out her upcoming runway show at the Troc! Click here for tickets!



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