One of my besties is preggors with her second little man, and I am SO excited for that little guy to also be friends with my honey bunny, just like his big brother! She always looks adorable, but she still asked me about my opinions regarding maternity clothing. Being a mom and a personal stylist, I get a lot of questions from pregnant women about how to keep their sense of style while pregnant.

Maternity clothing is tough, because throughout your entire pregnancy, your body changes like crazy, and it feels like it changes every week (because it is)! So, something that may have worked for your body last week, may not work at all the next! Not many people have the money or the time (or patience) to purchase new clothes every week to deal with that problem.

So, my first suggestion on where to look for maternity clothes is your own wardrobe! Even if this is your first pregnancy, I guarantee that you have at least a few things that could work with your adorable bump! It can be challenging to find cute maternity clothes that are also inexpensive, so check your closet first.
Look for looser tops like this one

Back in 2014, when I was pregnant with my honey bunny, I put a skinny belt with this top, so that my waist was still visible between my chest and my bump. Defining your waist (or giving the illusion of one) is a MUST as your bump and chest get bigger. It helps define your shape.

Oh my goodness, I lived in this dress throughout most of my pregnancy! This is also a non maternity piece. I found it in Target, and there was a perfect amount of stretch that it comfortably fit around my bump. You can also see the visual definition of my waist from the placement of the top ruffled section. Target does have awesome maternity staple pieces that are cheap, but don’t feel “cheap”. Their maternity tank tops are still some of my favorite to sleep in, because they’re so soft and long. 
A dress with fun details makes a pregnant momma’s life so easy, because you don’t even need to wear jewelry to look put together and adorable. The dress pictured above is a sheath style dress, but it obviously had a much more fitted look due to my 25 week baby bump. Under the lace, the dress had a stretchy jersey material, which made it very comfortable and also very flattering. 
After you’ve exhausted your own wardrobe, it’s time to go shopping for maternity pieces. You should absolutely invest in the following:
1. Maternity skinny jeans in a dark wash – my favorite brand was AG jeans (they also make non maternity jeans, and are one of my favorite pairs to wear not pregnant). They are absolutely an investment piece, but they are the softest jeans you’ll ever own, and you will get your money’s worth out of how much you’ll wear them. I found my favorite AG maternity jeans at Destination Maternity, which was my favorite place to shop while preggors. 
2. Basic tops that can be dressed up or down, like this black cowl neck tee (pictured with my bestie who inspired this post!)
Black is super slimming, because I was 7 months pregnant in this picture, and it doesn’t show how large my baby bump was at that the time!
3. An actual maternity dress that makes you look and feel gorgeous and strong (because you are! I mean, you’re growing a tiny human, and that is incredible!)
In addition to Destination Maternity and Target, Nordstrom also has an excellent maternity section. 
Mamas who are reading, where were some of your favorite places to shop while you were pregnant? Comment below to share! 
**PSA so no one is confused, I am NOT pregnant. We are loving being a family of 3 plus our 4 fur babies (Watson, Dolce, Primo, and LeRoy). 

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