Guys, it has been far too long, since I have done a post that you can relate to! So, gentlemen, this is a quick, Wednesday Wonder post for you!

When I work with male clients, who are limited with their options on what they can wear to work, the  idea of incorporating fun socks into their wardrobe usually comes into our conversation! Sure, guys have ties that they can wear to “spice up” their look, but in some jobs, they’re still left with only conservative options. So, how can they add some fun and show off their personality through their clothes? Socks!

Photo Cred: Style Progress

I tell my male clients all the time that I (and I can group most women into this statement) absolutely LOVE when a guy is dressed well from head to toe. For me, being style conscious, there aren’t too many things that are more disappointing about a well dressed man than if he’s wearing a fantastic outfit, but something terrible on his feet. That being said, if he has great shoes AND fun socks, it’s like sprinkles on top of whipped cream, hot fudge, and your favorite ice cream.
But guys, how do we pull off this look and do it well? Take a look at the three pictures above. What you’ll notice about their outfits is that they are mostly neutral – khakis, cream, gray, blue, denim, etc. This allows the socks to be the fun element to the outfit. It’s a great surprise that will make most people smile, and it automatically exudes confidence. It says, “I know I look good. I’m fun, and I’m interesting.” Plus, it’s also an easy conversation piece, and it makes you more approachable!


If you look at this picture above, it shows a real example of how your socks would look when you’re sitting or walking. The rest of the world just gets that little pop of color, that makes them do a double take, and they’re instantly interested in who you are, just because you chose fun socks.
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