This Wednesday Wonder is a bit of a special edition, because multiple questions will be answered, AND I am not the one who will be answering the questions that you asked! Instead, I contacted another professional, because this week’s questions were all focused on lingerie! Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely capable of helping my clients find good undergarments, but Karima aka The Philly Bra Lady is the QUEEN of bras.

Karima and I are part of some of the same Facebook groups for business women and bloggers, and in my research, I came across her impressive business. Karima is quite the #girlboss, and I love that she was willing to share with me and my readers! I also am looking forward to going to Karima for a bra fitting myself, because she’s obviously the best!

Thanks again to my lovely ladies who sent me their questions about lingerie! They were honest with the perfect amount of variety! Have fun reading, and thanks again, Karima!

Question 1: Quite a few of my readers are self conscious about their stomachs (myself included), so a lot of them want to know, if there is such thing as “sexy spanx”? (meaning, spanx that could also serve as lingerie)
​Karima’s Answer: Body suits. Body are back with a bang right now. You can get one that is bra cup sized or just a body smoothing one. My favorite ones that look like lingerie are from Prima Donna Lingerie. They are smoothing and go up to a cup size G. ​


Q: For women with a large bust, where is a good place to find a nightgown that still provides breast support?

​A: Teddys are hard to find when you get pass a D cup. But online is your best bet. When shopping for lingerie online always read reviews and the fitters notes, even if you know the brand because styles change in fit. For my D – DD+ girls I recommend  brands like Elila, Elomi, and Sculptress. And for in-store i would say Rigby and Peller.  ​

Q: What are some of your favorite brands that you could share with us?

​A: My favorite brands are Prima Donna, Curvy Couture, Chantelle, Elila, Elomi, Charnos, and Wacoal. ​


Q: What about for my pregnant readers – what are your top styles for maternity lingerie?

​A: This is such a hard question, because there is such a divide among the sizes. I will say when purchasing get re measured first and always buy cup size. If you are nursing try brands like  and  Elila of you are DD+. ​


Q: What style bottoms are the best for showing off your butt?

A: Cheeky. Cheeky is the best and also my personal favorite next to highwaist. 90% of women’s butts look better in a cheeky style panty. ​

Susan: I totally agree with this! Cheeky provides the perfect amount of coverage, while still remaining sexy! Love them!

Q: With Valentine’s Day around the corner, do you have any tips for styling a boudoir photo shoot?
A: I can not stress this enough, GET A BRA FITTING.  Its so important. The better the fit and feel, the sexier you can be, mentally and physically. Keep colors rich and deep. No pastels or neons. And if you want to do white ​I would suggest lace. Choose something that shows your body in the best way. If your not comfortable with your tummy don’t wear a low rise bikini panty.  Mental confidence is key.

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