When people hear them term, “statement necklace”, they usually think of something big, bold, lots of sparkle or shine, and jewels for days. I’ll be honest with you, (my clients and friends already know this about me, but I’ll share it with you guys too) I don’t always spend a ton of money on my jewelry, especially statement necklaces! Just like clothes, you want to invest more in the pieces that will last through all of the trends, and that will give you more bang for your buck. For the trendier pieces, it’s ok to buy them at a cheaper price tag, because you’ll get your wear out of them, and by the time the trend has run its course, the jewelry will be ready to be retired! It’s great timing!

Still don’t really believe me? That’s ok, I know plenty of visual learners, so I’ll use pictures!

Ok, so which one cost more? The one on the left or the one on the right?
It’s ok, take your time, remember, I’m a teacher, so all I do is wait (and repeat myself.. haha).
I know that most of you just scrolled down to read the answer anyway (that’s ok, I’m impatient too), and the one on the right cost more! Want to know how much more?
Well, let’s start with the one on the left. This one from Forever 21 only costs $12.90. TWELVE DOLLARS! I know that some of you may not shop in Forever 21, but even if the clothing doesn’t match your style aesthetic, the jewelry can be worth it. They have a great website with a large jewelry selection, so you can shop in your PJ’s while sitting at home!
Ok, so now for the one on the right! This one from JCrew costs $165! It would make a gorgeous investment piece, but the pink one from Forever 21 could pass for a gorgeous crystal statement necklace, and no one would know the price difference!
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