When it comes to celebrating a holiday like Valentine’s Day, my husband and I love to enjoy the holiday through food (and getting dressed up in a chic outfit, of course!)! I was actually quoted recently, by a fellow blogger sharing my favorite idea for a date night for Valentine’s Day! Check out that blog post here at Arrows & Awe.

In my internet travels, I recently came across this post by blogger, Lynn of Fresh April Flours, and I immediately reached out to Lynn to see if she would be willing to share her post with me and my readers!

My path initially crossed with Lynn’s through a blogger Facebook group where we are both active members. Lynn was asking for participants for her survey about sprinkles, to which I immediately said, yes, please! I’m always happy to help when sprinkles are involved. (Side note: yes, Nater, the survey was about SPRINKLES, not jimmies, so HA!) I shared this meme with Lynn:

I think it was after we both laughed about the meme, that we realized that we are quite similar! Not only that, but she also LOVES biscotti! Who doesn’t love biscotti, especially when you’re an Italian girl, like myself?

So here’s what I’m thinking: let me continue to inspire you this week to wear something sexy for your Valentine’s Day date, and then read Lynn’s post below to end your date with something sweet (Get your minds out of the gutter! I’m talking about dessert!)

February! Can you even believe it? Feels like not that long ago we were gathering up scraps of wrapping paper, listening to one last round of “Jingle Bell Rock,” and licking up all the remaining crumbs from our cookie baking party. Sorry, January– I’m glad to see you go. Let’s get on with the 2017 show!
So far this year has been, well, craziness, especially if you live in the United States. I think it’s safe to say this month is a good way to start spreading more love, don’t you?
In our house, love is spelled many different ways. One of those ways is B-I-S-C-O-T-T-I. And I say this with complete seriousness, because I can tell you for a fact that I had exactly ONE of these cookies during taste testing. ONE. That means that my husband had 11. Also, please see my extensive biscotti collection. We really like biscotti.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: if I could make this blog just about biscotti, I would. But I have to keep it fresh!
Anyway, I really do love creating seasonal biscotti recipes. I have done a pistachio white chocolate chip one for St. Patrick’s Day, and gingerbread and also chocolate peppermint ones for Christmas. Also, don’t miss my funfetti version for, well, really anything celebratory. Plus: SPRINKLES!!
While I have used red food coloring in the past to make red velvet treats (see baked red velvet donuts and red velvet crinkle blossoms), sometimes the easier and less messy route is to use red velvet cake mix. Last year, my red velvet cake mix made its way into Rice Krispies treats and also pancakes. This year, I’m using it to jazz up my biscotti, and who knows– perhaps something else will spark my fancy and wind up on the blog before Valentine’s Day. Although, don’t count on that too hard, because: BABY.

I’m using my general biscotti recipe as a guideline for today’s recipe, but since we’re working with cake mix, I needed a few tweaks to make it work just right. First, we’re not adding any additional sugar because 1) the cake mix is already sweetened 2) red velvet is a considerably less sweet flavor of baked goods and 3) if you’re dressing up your biscotti with white chocolate (or, any chocolate for that matter), you’ll want to reserve the sweet spot for that. A too-sweet cookie can just ruin things.

You’ll also notice we aren’t using any leavening agents, and that’s also because the cake mix already has some in it. How nice of it to do that for us! Spreading love already…
Aside from the red velvet cake mix, you likely have all the rest of the ingredients in your pantry to make these biscotti. You really have no excuse not to make them.
For extensive instructional photos, see my funfetti biscotti as a guide. 
What you’re going to love about these Valentine’s Day inspired cookies is that they make the perfect little treat to go with your coffee or tea. They’re not so sweet that you have to consider them dessert, which totally makes them acceptable as breakfast items. Their rich red color is the prefect canvas for some pink heart sprinkles, and while you’re at it, go wild and change up the chocolate drizzle. A dark or milk chocolate drizzle would work wonderfully here too.

Whatever you do with your biscotti, you’re most certainly required to share them with your sweetie. The number of biscotti you’d like to share is up to you. But please, don’t let my husband guide you in this decision– share more than 1!

Your sweetie will know how much you love him/her after one bite!

Check out Lynn’s blog for even more delicious recipes and fun at http://freshaprilflours.com! Thanks again for sharing, Lynn!

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