Exciting news… I have another style party for you all to attend!! Yay! So, get your calendars ready, and add Susan’s Style Party on March 4th from 6:00-9:00pm (this will be held at my house again)!

If you missed the first one, back in November, you will definitely want to attend this one!

At the last style party, we discussed all things clothing related – answered a lot of questions, showed tricks for choosing the right necklace or neckline for your features/outfit, chatted, and snacked on delicious food while drinking yummy beverages! SO much fun!

For this style party, I decided to take it to the next level for all of you! This one is going to be a ladies only event (sorry guys! We’ll do a guys night soon!), and not only will you get a TON of fashion advice from me, but we will have special guests as well – my friends, Meredith and Courtney!

Meredith is involved with a pretty wonderful company called, Trades of Hope. Trades of Hope is primarily a jewelry company, but they also sell other accessories and some home goods too. I went to a party at Meredith’s over the weekend to check out the jewelry in person, and I made some purchases that I am quite excited about! I can’t wait to show them to you!! Some trendy, some classic, some fun pieces! Meredith will be able to explain the details and origins of the pieces, and I will explain how you can wear the different pieces that you are interested in purchasing! Jewelry has the ability to completely change the look of an outfit, and I will show you everything you need to know!

You’re probably thinking, ok, but why did Susan say that this company is “wonderful”? This quote is directly from the Trades of Hope website from the founders of the company stating,

“We work with the artisans themselves and organizations that are helping women in difficult circumstances. Some women have been rescued from sex slavery. Others are raising handicapped children alone. Some are in war torn countries and others have HIV/AIDS and leprosy. These women have never had the chances we’ve had, yet they are just like us in so many ways. They love their families and hope and dream of a better life for them. “

How incredible is that? For the full story, click here!
Now, for those of you that watched my Facebook live video this week, you already got to meet Courtney! If you missed the video, here’s the link! We had a BLAST together!! If you did not watch the video, let me tell you a little bit about Courtney! Courtney is a good friend of mine, and she works for the company, Younique. Similar to Trades of Hope, Younique also has a strong mission to empower women:

“Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, a brother-and-sister team, founded Younique in September 2012 with a mission to uplift, empower, and validate women across the globe. Derek and Melanie firmly believe that all women should feel valued, smart, and empowered through opportunities for personal growth and financial reward!”

Think of this style party as a ladies’ night out!

You’ll get style tips and tricks from me, you can shop for jewelry and makeup, and Courtney will be doing eyes and lips for anyone who would like them done!! You’ll get professional advice, professional makeup applications, and you’ll be able to shop too!
Did I mention that there will also be food and beverages?


Ok, so, now that I know you have put this date in your calendar, think about if there is anyone else that would love this too, BECAUSE the more people that come, the cheaper the admission fee becomes! (I guess the fee is the only bummer, sorry! It’s totally worth it, I promise!!)

So, here’s how the pricing will work:

If we have 5 people RSVP yes, the cost is $45/person
If we have 10 people RSVP yes, the cost goes down to $35/person
If we have 15 people RSVP yes, the cost is only $25/person!
I will be creating a Facebook event to send out invitations, but if you already know that you want to be there, and you’re so excited that you can’t contain yourself, comment on this post with “Yes!” as your RSVP!
The first person to comment on this post with “Yes”, will be able to bring a friend for $15 – so if we have more than 15 people attending, it will only cost the winner a total of $40 for their admission and a friend!
I am so so so excited to see all of you! This is going to be a ton of fun!

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