Happy Friday!! This week’s #FabulousFemaleFriday features my cousin, Carla! Carla has always been involved with my life,  as well as my sister’s, and I feel so lucky because of that. She has been such inspiration with all of her accomplishments, her complete dedication to her children, and her never ending strength (I seriously mean it – I don’t know how she does it!). Her three (not so) little ones are all equally impressive in their own ways, and I adore all three of them to pieces. I will allow Carla to explain more about herself, because she is definitely a better writer than I will ever be! Enjoy!!

Mrs. Carla Evans
1.   What would you list as your best quality?
My best quality is adaptability. Both personally & professionally my short & long term goals have changed. As a mom of 3 fantastic kids, each with their own challenges to overcome  & triumphs to guide & cheer on, it can take a great deal of NASA precision timing on the parts of my husband & I. Fortunately, his work allows him a bit of flexibility to share in all of the children’s activities.
I have been many things since graduating from Temple University with a BA in Journalism-Advertising sequence & a minor in political science. I have worked on campaigns for mayor & governor in Philadelphia. I have worked for 2 newspapers, one for the Spanish speaking community. I have been a substitute teacher in NJ. I have worked in PR & advertising for a life safety firm that dealt primarily with government, higher education, & healthcare entities. I currently work part time for Target in inventory replenishment, as a flexible schedule is essential to fulfill my needs. I also advocate for children’s educational and health services in New Jersey. I have lobbied before the NJ legislature for funding for those with disabilities & on smaller scales for educational access for advanced placement enrichment programs & augmentative communication classroom accessibility.
2.   When do you feel your strongest?
I feel my strongest when I have the tools to plan. I like planned spontaneity. I like a bag for the beach packed and ready to go on a whim. I want a well researched list of specialist, technologies, techniques & reviews before making major decisions.
My children believe that I am at my strongest when I offer to help the personnel who are to help them. They believe that Momma’s fudge can truly rule the world. I tend to agree that there would be a lot less strife in the world if people had good food to eat.
3.     On your most difficult days, what keeps you going?
Is there a viable choice but to keep going? Of course there isn’t. The choice is in the manner in which you proceed. I’m a person who likes to have a great deal of control over things, it’s simply in my nature. Life doesn’t always see to it that humans get complete control over their days. So on the most difficult days, I need to asses what is happening, process a few options, choose the best at the time & proceed as if it’s completely under control. I don’t excel when I’m overly emotional in that space. There is time, usually in a hot shower, to digest the emotional & to plan how I will channel strengths & collect my thoughts on ways to read orb positive energy.
4.     What do you value the most in yourself and your family?
Peace, love & understanding.
5.     So far, what have been your greatest accomplishment(s) in your life and/or career?
I have helped create & develop 3 projects that will have the most enduring impact on the world. I am a top notch advocate, researcher, toy adapter, garment & assistive wearable tech keeper designer, counselor & chief cuddled to Mia, Connor & Aiden.
They are the worst paying, most demanding, sometimes impatient, most rewarding-astonishing & loving clients I will ever have.

6.     What advice would you give to your younger self?
I would tell my younger self to not be so damn polite. If you don’t like what’s going on in your life, speak up loudly about it. Sometimes it’s really ok not to try to make accommodations to help people out. It’s ok to say “No”; I really can’t make this work out for you. It’s ok to know when it’s ok to say “No, I really can’t.”


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