Happy Friday!! This week’s #FabulousFemaleFriday features another fellow blogger, Crystal Gareau! Crystal is the founder of busymomdiary.com , a mom/lifestyle blog! Ever since I started with my #girlboss #FabulousFemaleFriday series, I have really come to appreciate the honesty in the responses that I receive. As a blogger and a social media researcher (that’s not an official title, it’s just one that I have given myself, since I’m constantly doing research for my blog or my business), I really find that honesty in blog posts allows the reader to genuinely connect to the author. I enjoy Crystal’s openness in her responses that she sent to me, as well as in her own blog posts. After you’re done reading about her, check out her blog! Enjoy!!

Mrs. Crystal Gareau

I have been employed as a law clerk for the last decade, give or take.  In the beginning, I was hired to handle the administrative and clerical work involved in residential real estate transactions from selling, buying or financing properties. Over the last couple of years, my role has expanded and I am now responsible for drafting and preparing Wills and Powers or Attorney and preparing many corporate documents for our business accounts.
1.     I am incredibly organized and detailed oriented which has been my strongest quality in completing my tasks.
2.     I feel my strongest when I am at home with my family. My daughter is battling some mental health illnesses and I have learned that I am much stronger than I even knew. I have been the one person that she can always count on, without judgement to support her, cry with her and to just comfort her on bad days.
3.     On my most difficult of days, the love and support of my family give me the strength to push through any difficult task.
4.     I value my determination to be a better parent to my children. I value the support that my family has for one another. We don’t give up on people. We stand united in the good times and in the bad times. The last few years have been incredibly difficult for us as a family. My husband has survived two spinal surgeries and cancer. My daughter has been hospitalized multiple times for mental illness issues.
5.     Without a doubt my biggest accomplishment in life has been my children. They are my entire world and I can’t even being to imagine any life without them. My biggest accomplish in the workforce has been to continue learning new skills that have given me the opportunity to provide for my family all without any post-secondary education.
6.     I would tell my younger self to be more forgiving. To forgive myself for mistakes and to forgive others. It’s incredibly difficult to be happy when you are holding onto such negative feelings. I wish I would have learned to forgive earlier in life. I would have been happy sooner.
7.     I look forward to spending more and more time with my family. I look forward to more happy times and to the sound of laughter.
8.     I can’t say that any one thing comes to mind when I think of my biggest failure. There has been mistakes, but they turned into learning experiences. I’m always telling my children that nothing is ever a failure as long as they tried their best and have learned something from any adventure.
The Busy Mom Diary (www.busymomdiary.com)

Bio: I am a thirty-something, full-time working, potty-mouthed and tempered, thrift-finding mom on a budget.  I live in Ontario, Canada with my cancer-surviving husband and our two children, ages 12 and 14.


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