Happy Friday, everyone!! This week’s #FabulousFemaleFriday post features someone that you have already met, if you’re a regular reader here! Valerie is the founder and owner of Haute Mama! You can read about Valerie, how we met, and her awesome event that I attended here! For my South Jersey readers, Valerie is holding another event TOMORROW at Lifetime in Mt Laurel! She’ll be there selling her super cute, super soft clothes and jewelry starting at 8am! I’m going to try to stop by myself, because I have worn my “Rise Rise Rise” sweatshirt an embarrassingly amount of times, since I bought it from her at her last event… and I need more items like that in my life! Enjoy reading about Valerie, and go to her event, if you can!

Mrs. Valerie Sanders

I am founder and owner of Haute Mama, curator of specialty boutique Pop Up shops for retail, yoga, barre, studios and events, as well as two retail locations in Marlton and Voorhees, and my website hautemamamala.com.I have been in business for five years now!
1.   What would you list as your best quality?

2.   When do you feel your strongest?

when it’s sunny out

3.     On your most difficult days, what keeps you going?

reading through Instagram quotes that inspire me , all that feel good chills up your spine kinda of stuff I save to my phone and have a tendency to even print and frame . Venting to someone I trust and not holding things in . Knowing my kids count on me

4.     What do you value the most in yourself and your family?

non judgement

5.     So far, what have been your greatest accomplishment(s) in your life and/or career?

juggling children and career

6.     What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be brave and seriously throw every idea at the wall, experience everything,  be afraid and do it anyway, do not judge or be afraid of judgment and most importantly never say never .

7.   What do you look forward to the most?

Weekends at our family’s place in LBI !

8.   What has been your biggest failure, and how have you overcome it?

This is a loaded question !! As a woman , mother , entrepreneur there are failures every day, week, month. I don’t know in all honesty if I can pin point what my “biggest “ failure is / was or if that is important for me to state . I read somewhere recently, “ If you not failing often , you’re stagnant” This is hard but true. There are A LOT, I am never sure if I am failing in motherhood, because Haute Mama is doing amazing or failing at Haute Mama, because I am being a focused Mom that week. It is never in balance (never sure of the woman that state they balance it) but there are always leggings & yoga ; )

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