I think we’ve all been made to believe certain “fashion rules” over the years, either by what we see celebrities wear or what our parents share with us. Of course, these rules change with trends and time.

I get asked frequently about these “rules” by my friends and clients. Some questions that I get asked quite frequently are, “can I wear brown with black?” or “can I wear blue with black?” At some point in our young lives, most of us were told that the answer to both of these questions is “no”.

However, tell the leopard that brown and black don’t work together!

I mean, these loafers are gorg! But, I’m also a sucker for most things leopard print.

As for blue and black, they can work very well together as long as there is enough contrast between the two shades. If the navy is too dark, and almost looks black, then the two will clash, but if the blue is vibrant enough or is a different fabric, creating texture to the look, then they work beautifully together!

You can see what I mean by this skirt from Lost+Found.

The key to making the colors work with each other is contrast. When there is clear contrast, they work the same as any color with any neutral! 
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