Chokers are one of those fun trends from the 90’s that have made a comeback in a modern way. You can still find those tattoo style chokers that most of us wore as teenagers (although, I don’t understand why they came back, they were super uncomfortable and itchy…), but you can also find sleek chokers done in different metals or even lace!

The question is, what tops should I wear with this choker trend? It depends on how intricate the style is of the necklace.

I have a choker from Forever21 that is structured and gold. It’s a single, thin band, so it works with a casual outfit.

When you’re wearing a choker, you want to make sure that your necklace doesn’t compete with neckline of the top, so wearing something with a slightly lower neckline, like a scoop neck, a deep V, or off the shoulder are all good choices.

This gorgeous lace choker from Bauble Bar looks so pretty and sophisticated with a plain v-neck top! A combination like this could easily be worn to work, and would be easy for women of a variety of ages to wear!

Here’s another choker from Forever21 paired with an off the shoulder top.

Which one is your favorite? I’m partial to the gold one in the first picture (obviously), but I am loving that lace “Florence Wrap” choker too! It also comes in cream, but I like the black! Comment below and let me know! I’d love your opinions!

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