Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is already less than a month away? I don’t know about you, but I still feel like Christmas was just last week…maybe that’s because we haven’t put away our decorations yet.

Significant others with a lady love in their life, this post is for you! 

Stop buying flowers that only die after a few days, jewelry that she probably won’t wear, and chocolate… that she’ll love…ok, still buy her chocolate.

Instead, make her feel spoiled, loved, and appreciated. 

I’m sure that you’ve already started to think about where you’re going to take her out to dinner, maybe you’ve already made reservations, so what’s your next move?

Present her with the most amazing outfit that is meant just for her (and that you love too) – head to toe, everything is taken care of. All she’ll need to do is get dressed. She will LOVE you for it.

The best part, is that I make it SO easy for you! Here’s how it works:

  • Tell me where you’re going for your Valentine’s Day date, give me your budget, and her sizes (you can channel your inner James Bond and stealthily check her closet)
  • All shopping is done online by me, and you will receive 3 outfit options that I know will be perfect for her and will make her look incredible!
  • The outfits will cover her head to toe – including options for accessories and shoes
  • You’ll receive the 3 outfit options within a week of contacting me, and they will be sent via email
  • Pick your favorite out of the 3, and then you can choose if you want to order it yourself, or I can order it and have them sent directly to you. If you’re local, I can even wrap them for you and deliver them myself. 
  • You can even include a sexy little note, like “Put this on, and be ready by 6 xoxo” 
  • What’s also amazing is that all of this only costs $125 (plus the cost of the outfit), and all you have to do is read the email from me and pick your favorite outfit for your favorite lady. 

I mean, how many times have you seen the picture below on Facebook? 

If you haven’t, it’s there on the reg (that’s ‘regular’ for those not down with what the lingo…wait, is lingo still cool? Is cool still cool?). 
Anyway, it’s posted so often, that on Pinterest, this picture is labeled “the no fail gift for her”…unfortunately, the dress is not that cute, and I would NEVER put those earrings with that necklace. That being said, if you hire me to do this “no fail gift”, it will be WAY better than this picture!
Even if you’re going to a casual restaurant that you go to all the time, making an extra effort like this will totally impress her. Plus, I can totally pick out a sexy casual outfit that both of you will love. 

Don’t think too long, because Valentine’s Day will be here sooner than you think! Email me, and let’s start taking care of your lady! 

xoxo, Susan

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