I hope you all enjoyed your New Year’s Eve, and that the first couple of days into this new year have treated you well! As I’ve done in years past, I spent NYE and the first hour or so of the new year with great friends that have become family. Our honey bunny had a sleep over at my in law’s house, so he was happy! I always miss him when he’s not with us, but I am very appreciative of the quality adult time with my husband and friends.

My New Year’s resolutions in the past have never been very dramatic or life altering. I’ve usually just tried to set personal goals for myself to better myself as a human being, whether it was my approach to life (or the people in it) or trying to improve my overall health. Last year, I set the goal for myself to run 300 miles in a year. For someone who had just started running seriously in the August prior, it was ambitious, but doable. I was on track to achieving my goal (actually a little ahead) by the time I had my second knee surgery in June, but unfortunately, due to lasting pain in my knee post surgery, I wasn’t able to complete my goal. I go back for my follow up with my doctor on Friday, and hopefully he’ll have some good suggestions for me! I am optimistic about returning into a regular (pain free) workout routine, but this year, I decided my resolution would be more of a mantra:
 I mean, I already drink a lot of coffee, and I’d like to think that I’m kind, so really, it’s just a matter of adding “kick ass” and “repeat” to that, and I’m good to go, right? 
There’s something to be said about easy New Year’s Resolutions. So, let me help you with yours. 
I’m offering FREE 15 minute phone calls to help you create your fashion/style plan for 2017. Do you want to add more color into your day to day wardrobe? Do you want to get rid of the clothes you never wear in your closet? Do you want to make time for yourself? Do you want to make more of what you have in your closet? Are you sick of the same stores that you always go to for clothes? We can talk about all of those things, and I can help you create an easy plan for yourself for the year. 
So, how do you get your free style plan phone call? 
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It’s easy, there’s no catch, and it’s the best way to take care of a New Year’s Resolution quickly! 
Think about it! 

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