Happy Friday! I am SO excited to finally be able to share my sister with you for this week’s #FabulousFemaleFriday! I asked her back in August to let me feature her. It took some convincing, but she agreed, and her schedule has quieted down enough for her to send me her responses!!

When Sara and I were little, we focused more on our differences than our similarities. Wherever we went, we constantly heard, “You’re sisters? You don’t look ANYTHING alike.”


#thankgodforbraces #those90scolorsthough

It wasn’t until Sara went to college, that we started to develop a friendship, which has just continued to grow throughout our adulthood. Having an older sister is wonderful for so many reasons, including, you see them do everything first, and you’re able to learn from it. If you’re lucky like I am, not only are you able to observe your older sibling, but they’re willing to help you and teach you too.

Sara helped me create me list of colleges to start looking at, while I was in high school. She was the first person to give me wedding magazines to start paging through, the night I got engaged (oh, the time of wedding planning before Pinterest). She gave me the best baby books, when I was pregnant, and constantly told me to stop checking the internet for information, because it just made me panic. She was in the room with me, my husband, and my mom for the labor and delivery of my son. I still text and call her for advice, to vent without being judged, and just to chat.


Her sons have become best friends to my son, and it’s seriously ‘make your heart explode’ adorable.

She’s an incredible mom to her two boys. Her level of creativity is endless in everything she does. She’s brilliant, funny, well traveled, cultured, energetic, friendly (seriously, EVERYONE loves her), and of course, beautiful.

It wasn’t until I saw this picture that I realized how much my sister and I do look alike. My mom helps our relationship make sense, and that also makes my heart happy.

Ms. Sara Savini

Anyone else have a rough time coming up with a playlist for this activity? No? Just me?

Ok. So here I am. Hi everyone, Susan’s sister, Sara, here. Honored and privileged to be both female and considered fabulous by my amazingly talented sister. I’m a regular reader of her blog and I must say I’ve been impressed and inspired by the company I’m in. How lucky I am to personally know and adore some of you previously featured faces. it’s just so fun to be reminded of just how awesome the people in your life are… Thanks for featuring me in the bunch, Susan!

As the sun sinks slowly into the west on my my early thirties, I find myself at the precipice of reinvention. True, it wouldn’t be the first….Dreamer. Book Store Lackey. Poet. Historical Archaeologist. Grad Student. High School Teacher. Tutor. Mother. Advocate. Writer. I’ve done the rounds. But this past year, 2016, it’s been a whammy. I moved my entire over zealous container garden to raised beds in the back yard. David Bowie died. The very fabric of the universe may very well have begun to unravel. Oh, and I got diagnosed with cancer. But, here we are. 2017. And here I am. Looking forward.

At present, I am a stay at home mom and freelance writer. The demands of motherhood further amplified by having a child facing some challenges pulled me from the traditional workforce 7 years ago and there hasn’t been a dull moment since. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that opportunity is constant. I’ve always been pretty driven to “do.” What, exactly? Well, that changes pretty frequently. I’m a renaissance woman (not the faire kind) … (OK, maybe the faire kind, but not in any professional sense) and my interests and passions drive me, with a healthy dose of reality in tow. I always have a lot on my plate in terms of things to do, and a lot in sight in terms of things to accomplish. Up and coming? In no particular order…. Maybe: My doctorate. Definitely: Some writing projects. Scheduled: Radioactive iodine treatment. Really need to get on this: Relaunching my blog.

I try not to get bogged down in the day to day. Setbacks happen. But so do Herculean feats of house cleaning. It’s important to keep it all (and cancer) in perspective.

I’m fortunate enough to have experienced some unimaginably powerful (and beautiful, and liberating, and awe inspiring) moments in my life. I have, hands down, the most amazing family and support system in the ‘verse. I’ve been held up by their strength, love, and perseverance my whole life long. I got married to my best friend (and gaming arch nemesis) in a fairytale, surrounded by an entire forest full of our people. I gave birth to two beautiful children (“the Incredible Hulk” and “the Flash”) who EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. challenge me. And even more so, challenge me again, to be a better human so that they can continue to grow, live, and love their way into the legit tiny humans that they are already in the midst of becoming.

But I can get esoteric about this too… I’ve been lucky enough to have moments where I’ve felt more connected to “it all” than I ever could’ve dreamed. Whether it was sitting on an Irish cliff writing poems, staring out into the oblivion of North Atlantic… Riding on a catamaran New Year’s Day above the Polynesian reef as manta rays flew by on the tips of the waves… The wind rushing through my hair on horseback, cantering through an open field… The same primordial hum resonates and recharges. Maybe it’s my inner yogi talking, but I feel strongest in the small moments of quiet calm in my typical tornado of an existence.

So my advice to my younger self?

BE patient. It takes time for the journey to figure itself out. You’ll get wherever you’re going, and you probably don’t have the faintest idea of where that is yet. The path doesn’t really end.
BE brave. You can’t play outside without occasionally tripping and scrapping your knees. Learn from the scars, and know that while they don’t define you, they do have a part to play in just how awesome you can become.BE bold. It’s not simply enough to be, you must be present and be you – no one else has that job. BE appreciative of your friends, cause really, they’re family, and they’ll still be there in your 30somethings.

Oh… And stay off the internet.



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