Happy Friday! This week’s #FabulousFemaleFriday post features, my photographer, Nater’s girlfriend, Ms. Jessica Anderson! I first met Jessica, not too long after she and Nate started dating in 2015. We had been hearing about Jessica from Nate, and we were dying to meet the woman that was already making him so happy! Nater has been my husband’s best friend, since they were in middle school together, so Nater is family to us. (One of these days, I’ll have to write a “Phabulous Photographer Phriday” post about him or something, so you can officially meet and get to know Nater).) Anyway, after seeing Jessica and Nate together, it was immediately clear how great they were together, even that early in their relationship. Since then, we’ve all had the pleasure of getting to know Jessica more, she’s even become one of my clients, and I’m thrilled that she wanted to be part of my #girlboss(es) posts!


Ms. Jessica Anderson
I am an occupational therapist for preschoolers with developmental delays or a diagnosis such as autism, or cerebral palsy, etc.  Occupational therapy can look different depending upon the population, but in my work I seek to maximize the independence and quality of life of a child by helping them execute everyday tasks such as calming a hyperactive body or using their hands to play with toys, draw, feed themselves, and zip their coat.  It is my dream job, and I have been doing it for 2.5 years.
Here are some questions to get to know me!
1.   What would you list as your best quality?
I think that my best quality is that I am caring.  I empathize well with others, which at times can be exhausting to sense and process so much emotion.  But, I have found a way to mix that strength with my problem solving abilities to help kids, families and my loved ones! 
2.   When do you feel your strongest?  
I feel my strongest, when I am in my hip hop dance class.  I don’t like to talk in groups a lot, but I am not shy about dancing!   The style is just a tad out of my comfort zone and an opportunity for me to show a little swagger.  
3.     On your most difficult days, what keeps you going?
I zoom out and realize that a day is just a pixel in the scope of my life, and that I’ll get through it.  No matter how stressful the day is, I know that my faux-down comforter/cocoon and Seinfeld is waiting for me at the end of it.
4.     What do you value the most in yourself, you relationship with your spouse/partner, and your family?  
I most appreciate no-agenda quality time… with myself (I’m an introvert!), my boyfriend, friends and family.  I value close relationships that allow me to feel free to be completely myself.  
5.     So far, what have been your greatest accomplishment(s) in your career?
I would say that my biggest accomplishments occur when a strategy or collaboration with a teacher or parent really works and impacts a kid for the better.  It’s so rewarding to see kids blossom and increase their independence and pride in themselves, as a result of my work.
6.     What advice would you give to your younger self?
I don’t really have any regrets, so I can’t think of any.   I was really adventurous, when I was younger.   Less than 100% of my decisions were “wise”, but I believe that everything you do shapes who you are, and I am a better person for learning from mistakes.  
7.   What do you look forward to the most?  

My biggest adventure yet… “nesting” and spending my life with my best friend, Nate! 

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