The cold shoulder trend is one of my favorites! It’s much less fussy than off the shoulder, and I think it’s easier to wear too! So, what’s the difference?

Off the shoulder is exactly how it sounds – a top that falls just past your shoulders, but still has some kind of sleeves.

Off the shoulder can be incredibly flattering, because it elongates your neck and shows off some sexy collarbones. However, if you have very broad or sloping shoulders, this may not be the best neckline choice for you.

Cold shoulder, on the other hand, is flattering for everyone! Yay!

You have probably already seen this style growing in popularity, if you have been shopping in the past few months. They range in styles. You can wear something like this sweater by Glamorous from Nordstrom and my favorite jumpsuit of all time from Club Monaco that both have wider straps, or you can find cold shoulder tops with something as thin as spaghetti straps.

You could easily wear a normal bra with a wide shoulder strap like these, and this style also helps diminish the look of broad shoulders.

If you don’t mind wearing a strapless bra, definitely try tops like these:

The Tallie open shoulder top from Anthropologie 
I own this in green! I cannot wait to wear it in spring! I’m sure you’re all probably shocked, because I own something colorful and printed, but it’s true! I have a lot of color in my wardrobe, but most of my blog posts are with neutral colors, because I just LOVE navy and gray. 
So, back to my love for navy…Here’s an amazing top from Shop Sixty Five, the Tara top by Elizabeth and James.

It’s effortless, but stylish, and oh so comfortable. That’s basically my favorite combination. If I can look stylish in an effortless (looking) way while remaining comfortable, that’s a win for me. 

What do you think of this trend? Do you have some favorite cold shoulder tops that you’ve been wearing this winter? I’d love to hear about them! Comment below and tell me about them! 
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