Happy (almost) New Year!!

I hope that this year brings all of you lots of love, happiness, laughter, and good health to you and your loved ones.

But, before we get to 2017, I have to share with you some of my newest purchases from, Shop Sixty Five!

I apologize for the blur in this photo. My camera was not behaving, but I still loved this photo, so with some editing, I thought it still worked! 

This black top by Haute Hippie is just a great staple with some style. It has an asymmetrical hem, so the one part of the top falls a little below my knee, and the other side hits above hip height, and it has a fun little slit. It’s fun, sexy, and stylish! 
I’m wearing the same jeans in the three pictures below, but because of the editing I did, the wash looks different. But, before we get to the jeans, let’s discuss my top. The designer is Helmut Lang. It’s navy, so you automatically know that I love it. It has a soft V neck, and bell sleeves. Since the sleeves fall at the elbow, they don’t overwhelm my petite frame like most bell sleeve tops do. The top is also a little shorter than what I normally wear, but the detail in the neckline and the sleeves 

 So, let’s talk about the jeans. They’re a light wash jean, which is not my typical go to. They also have a “step hem”, which means that they’re shorter in the front, and longer in the back (now that I say that, I’m glad they opted to call them “step hem” and not “mullet” jeans hahaha). They’re by 7 for all mankind, and they’re my new favorite pair of jeans (next to my ag jeans) – skinny, super soft, the perfect amount of stretch, and I like the hem a lot more than I thought I would! It gives the jeans some attitude.

The other two tops that I got from Shop Sixty Five will be featured soon – they are comfy, cozy, but still stylish (duh). 
So, when you’re ready to go shopping, let’s pick a date and go! I know, I know, you want to lose the weight you put on during the holidays, blah blah blah, but I can dress you in a way that makes you look amazing, and you can lose weight/work out when you have time. Trust me. 
Anyway, have fun celebrating, or if you’re reading this a day late, I hope 2017 is already off to a great start for you! 

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