Happy Friday, and Merry (early) Christmas to those who celebrate! This week’s Fabulous Female Friday features a good friend, Lynne Kaspin! I thought the timing of her post is absolutely appropriate, because out of everyone I know, Lynne loves snow the most, and what better day than just a couple of days after the official start to the winter season! I first met Lynne when I worked at Music and Arts in Marlton, which was 7 years ago now. Lynne is one of the piano teachers there, and her number of students was (and is) very impressive, to say the least!  Lynne’s students range in ages, from precious little 4 year olds to adults, and they all adore her! 

Mrs. Lynne Kaspin

My current job is teaching piano.  I’ve been doing this for nineteen years, since September of 1997.  I work at Music and Arts in Marlton, New Jersey, and have been there for thirteen years, since October of 2003.  Prior to this, I taught out of my home, when my three sons were very little, and I was a stay-at-home-mom.  I also taught group piano lessons for Evesham township during those years.  My responsibilities at Music and Arts include teaching students, maintaining my schedule and making sure it is accurate on an ongoing basis, interacting with parents and selecting music for each student that is appropriate to their level of skill and their musical interests and goals.  I have an annual student recital every summer, at my church.  This is always a very well-received event by both students and parents. At the conclusion of the program, we have a reception, which is also held at the church.  In addition to this recital, we hold an annual winter concert for all piano and vocal students at Music and Arts.  This is also a very popular event.

I should also point out that I met Susan at Music and Arts in 2010!  She was my wonderful flute teacher there for three and a half years!

1.   What would you list as your best quality? 
 I think my best quality is that I am very insightful and perceptive. This helps a great deal when I’m teaching, because in order to teach effectively, I find that I need to know what works really well with each  student and when a student is having trouble or making a mistake in a piece of music they’re working on, I need to be able to instantly assess why they are making that particular mistake in that specific section of the music, and how best to correct it based on the student’s learning style and current level of playing. 
2.   When do you feel your strongest?  
I probably feel my strongest when I am physically feeling well, am well-rested, my family is well and happy, my kids are safe and things are going well at work.
3.     On your most difficult days, what keeps you going?  
I would say that what keeps me going is the fact that I have a really wonderful life:  a great husband, three beautiful sons and two lovely homes (one in Marlton, NJ, and one in Ocean City, NJ).  Another thought that constantly inspires me and lifts me up is how well my kids are doing.  Our oldest son is an IT Engineer and works for Cigna.  Our middle son is a Civil Engineer and works at the Philadelphia Water Department.  Our youngest son is finishing up a degree in Biology at Temple University and works full-time as an Emergency Department Tech at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  He is very interested in continuing a career in the medical field in some capacity.  And I am grateful for the three lovely ladies in my sons’ lives!  Our oldest son got married on October 4, 2015 and we are blessed to have daughter-in-law.  My other two sons have loving girlfriends that are always by their sides as well. 
4.     What do you value the most in yourself, you relationship with your spouse/partner, and your family?    
What I really value the most in myself and with my husband, kids and extended family is knowing that we are a very close and loving family.  My kids are now ages 23 and a half, almost 27, and 29.  My daughter-in-law is a nurse and she is currently working as a travel nurse.  She and my son are living temporarily in San Diego, California, and will be moving around and traveling in other parts of the country for the next couple years.  My husband and I have been “empty-nesters” since August of 2011.  Even though our kids all have their own lives, their own loves and careers now, and my oldest son is nearly 2,400 miles away, I know we are all still close at heart and always will be.  Nothing will ever change that, and I value that and take great comfort in it!  They’re all just a text message or phone call away, and FaceTime is wonderful, especially as a way of chatting with and seeing my oldest son and daughter-in-law in California.
5.     So far, what have been your greatest accomplishment(s) in your career?  
I think that my greatest career accomplishment is the fact that I’ve managed to maintain a studio at Music and Arts for over thirteen years. One thing I’m happy about is that there are some students I teach there who have been with me for 7 to 8 years consistently.  One of them started lessons with me in June of 2008 at the age of 7 and a half, and she is now 16 years old and a sophomore in high school.
6.     What advice would you give to your younger self?   
Oh my gosh, where do I start??   😉  If I could go back in time to let’s say 1976 // 1977, when I was a senior in high school, I would tell my younger self to go into the medical field and get a BSN in college (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) instead of getting a degree in music.  I have always been very interested in the medical field, but I’m way too old now (57) to go back to school and change careers!! I wish I had realized this in the mid 70s!!
7.   What do you look forward to the most?   
Retirement and grandchildren!!! I hope that both are in my not-too-distant future!  🙂
8.  What has been your biggest failure, and how have you overcome it?   
This question kind of relates back to number 6.  My biggest failure is that I did not go back to school for nursing when I was still young enough to do it (i.e., in the late 1990s).  I actually enrolled in a nursing program at our local community college in 1998, but due to lack of confidence, I second-guessed myself out of it pretty quickly.  I now regret that decision and I do see it as a major life failure!  There really has been no way to overcome it other than to acknowledge that I made a bad decision by not following through with it!

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