Most of the time, when I go shopping with new clients, we go to the mall. I prefer the mall, because if my usual go to stores aren’t meeting our needs, I like to have several back up plans without having to inconvenience the client by traveling to a new location. The more people that I have been working with, the more I realize that the mall can be a daunting place for a lot of people. Not to mention trying to find anything in one of the big department stores – smaller “stores” within a bigger store within a huge mall – that concept makes most people shut down and completely dread the experience. Add the chaos of the holidays to that, and the stress can go through the Christmas light decorated roof.

So, let me help you!

Are you free Friday, December 16th? Let’s meet at the Cherry Hill Mall in Nordstrom at 5:30, and we’ll do some group shopping!

(Ok… what’s group shopping?) Great question!

It’s super easy – a small group of us (let’s say a minimum of 3 plus me), will go to Nordstrom together, and I can show you how to find exactly what you need to finish off your holiday shopping – whether it’s putting together an outfit for yourself for your holiday dinner (or daytime festivities), getting a last minute gift or stocking stuffers, or  treating yourself or someone else to some of my current top favorites from Nordstrom! I will help you get all or any of that, and we’ll be done by 7:00pm! We’ll be in and out of the mall in an hour and a half, you’ll have me as your guide, you’ll get to hang out with some great company, and you will leave happy – how glorious is that?

The cost to attend is $35 per person – a total steal, since my hourly rate is $75! (Happy Holidays!) You can absolutely bring a friend, but leave the little ones at home, so you can enjoy yourself without having to worry about the kids.

Make sure that you sign up by Monday, December 12th (don’t worry, that’s not tomorrow, it’s next Monday) – and you can do that by commenting on this post, text, email, Facebook comment or message, whatever is easiest – I will make sure you are on my list!

If you need more of a reason to go, you can also check out the inside of “Adventure to Santa” while we’re there – it’s pretty impressive!

Cute, right?

Anyway, I can’t wait for all of us to go shopping together! As always, I promise it will be fun! Don’t forget to sign up!

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