My style party that I hosted at my house was this past Saturday, and another HUGE thank you to those who attended! Everyone had such a nice time together!

I started the party by getting everyone talking and sharing (that’s the teacher in me – starting with an icebreaker!). After that, we began talking about different style concepts that can be applied to anyone – any body type, any budget!

The questions that were asked throughout the party were all excellent, and I feel that we all learned from each other! Just about everyone brought something from their own wardrobe, and they all left the party with different ways to wear that challenging piece! It helps having a professional look at something differently with you.

So, what’s next? Well, these lovely ladies and I are going to have a follow up party at the end of January, so they can all show off how they are rockin’ what they learned, and then I can teach them even more fun concepts to amp up their style game.

If you missed out on this style party, host one at your house!! I’ll come on over and do my thing, and all you need to do is provide the hosting space, food and drinks, and the guests! I’ll make it easy for you, I promise! Before the party, I’ll go through your closet with you, and I’ll pick out a few great pieces to use for demonstrating the concepts I’ll be discussing at your party – this is fun for you, because you’ll get to see your clothes in a different way, and it shows off your wardrobe! If there’s something specific that you want me to talk about at the party (current trends, “age appropriate”, petite/plus clothes shopping, menswear, pattern mixing, layering, etc.), just let me know, and I would be happy to add it to my presentation! For $30/person, your guests will get a 2 – 2.5 hours consultation with me (which is pretty awesome, since if you recall, my hourly rate is $75/hour!!), AND they’ll get a fun little tip sheet or pamphlet to take home with them!

I know the holidays are a crazy time, so think about scheduling a “New Year, New You” style party sometime in January! Just some food for thought!

Speaking of food – Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy the time with your loved ones!

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