I have finally found the jacket that I have been searching for! I knew the wait was worth it, and I am in love. The jacket is by IRO jeans, and it is definitely the coolest thing in my wardrobe.

I mean, just look at it. The color is perfect all year round, and it goes with EVERYTHING. The details are flawless. (Here is a similar jacket, also by IRO)
I love it, and the store where I bought it is a MUST! If you have not yet been to Shop Sixty Five, I will GLADLY take you there myself! Located at 17th and Sansom, Shop Sixty Five is in a perfect location (I mean, who doesn’t love Rittenhouse?). I had the pleasure of meeting the owner, Linda and working with a wonderful sales associate, Leagh. Leagh helped me confirm my love for my new IRO jacket, and also chose the second coolest piece in my wardrobe, which you’ll see in a post later. 
I chatted with both ladies for a little while, and they were so kind and helpful. Linda use to be a stylist prior to opening her store, and it shows in the pieces that she sells. They are all incredible in their design and quality. If you are looking for a piece that could easily become a staple in your wardrobe, but makes a statement, you absolutely have to go to Shop Sixty Five. If you need even more of an excuse to go, I will be working with Linda in the not too distant future to hold an event at the store. Follow them on Instagram as well, to get current updates on their new additions!
The rest of my outfit in this picture is from Skirt Rittenhouse, but you’ll have to wait until the December issue of Philly Streats to hear about those details!
One last thing – we need to talk about my rockin’ faux hawk done by the always wonderful, Sammie Jacoby at Verde Salon. Anyone who has complimented my hair, since my American Wave has heard Sammie’s name, and she helped me out big time by creating my vision of kick ass hair. But – more pictures of the rest of my outfit and my awesome hair in Philly Streats next month, so you’ll have to wait (sorry!). 
Don’t forget to RSVP to my Style Party, if you have not already done so! It’s going to be so much fun, and you’ll learn a lot! It’s less than two weeks away, and I can’t wait!! 


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