I know it’s only Tuesday, but I can’t wait until Saturday!! Saturday is the date for my style party at my home, and I am so excited to see those of you who are attending! Just as a reminder, there will be plenty of food and drinks provided! All you have to bring is your $20 admission fee (or $10 if you’re bringing a friend) and something that is currently in your wardrobe that is challenging for you or your absolute favorite piece in your wardrobe! We’ll spend some time chatting as a group, where you will learn a lot of style tips, and then I’ll spend time with you individually to give you advice that is specific to you!

Yesterday, I figured out what I’m wearing for Saturday (I think… I might change my mind again… I need to look great for you guys!). Tonight, I ordered the food and printed my gift certificates! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, then you already got the sneak peek for my gift certificates. If you haven’t seen them yet, here they are!

So cute, right? I think so!
Even if you cannot attend the party, you can purchase gift certificates at any time! Check out the Packages and Services page for more information! 
If you did not yet RSVP for the party, make sure that you do! Thanks!! See you on Saturday! 

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