Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome back, if you’ve visited before, or welcome if you are new to my blog!

I am offering a new service to new and current clients! This service is different than anything else that I offer, because it’s the first service that is actually a group event! I’m calling it the Style Party!

The Style Party is a fun, social event (with food and beverages) that allows you and your friends to learn about your clothing choices. At the style party, you’ll learn more about mixing patterns (this is super helpful for guys especially, so that you know how to wear your ties with patterned shirts), how to achieve that ideal balance of color, pattern, texture, and shine, and how to choose your best colors. I’ll answer any questions that you have! You’ll learn things like why your favorite item of clothing is your favorite, or why you struggle with something that you bought, and can’t figure out how to wear it! Bring some of your clothes with you, if you want, so we can talk about them together!

AND….there’s no pressure to buy anything! YAY! Everyone can exhale now. 

The Style Party costs $20 to attend, but if you book any of my services at the party, your $20 goes towards the cost of your service!

AND (yes there’s another AND) if you share this post on Facebook and comment on my original post (so I can make sure that I don’t miss any shares), you will be part of my October giveaway that will put you in the running to attend my first Style Party for FREE! Woo!

So, start sharing and commenting! I cannot wait to have you over! The rest of the information for the Style Party is on my Facebook page
Also, let me know if you are interested in hosting a Style Party at your home! 

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