If you already follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you saw the gorgeous pic of my “assistant”, Marianne! Mar and I are asked almost on a daily basis if we’re sisters, because of how much we look alike.

Who wouldn’t want to be mistaken for this lady’s sister? I’m honored!

We also have very similar taste in clothes and accessories, so the chances of the two of us showing up to work wearing the same thing are high (but happen rarely, believe it or not!). We do a lot of shopping together, and our styles definitely influence each other. There have been many times where I have shown Marianne something that I have recently fallen in love with, and I inevitably convince her to get it too, because it’s beautiful, and she needs it.

This skirt was one of those recent lovelies that I purchased first, showed it to Marianne, and convinced her to buy it, because I knew it would look incredible on her too.

After we both agreed that Marianne needed the skirt, she asked me what she should wear with it, so that it would work now that we are going into Fall and Winter (such a good question!). I started with my “safer” choices first, suggesting she could wear a white or cream colored top and a navy blazer or cardigan, but then I remembered that she’s my assistant, so I stepped up my suggestions! I love putting navy and white stripes with florals (really with anything, because who doesn’t love navy and white stripes?), and I also love leopard print with florals. While shopping, we found a navy and white striped shirt that was a similar balance in size with the floral print in the skirt, we added a perfectly fitted navy blazer, and an amazing statement necklace, and Marianne’s outfit was mostly complete (just add shoes!). 
So, why does this outfit work so well (aside from the fact that Marianne is freakin’ adorable in everything she wears)? Well, the floral print in the skirt is a medium size, as are the stripes in the top. The color navy is also not the most predominant color in the skirt. It’s definitely prevalent, but not as much as the bright pink. By bringing out the navy in the skirt with the striped top, the combination looks sophisticated and not too “matchy”. The addition of the blazer also tones down the bold patterns, so the advanced pattern mixing is hidden from the back, and such a fun surprise in the front! The straight lines in the crystal cube necklace compliment the straight lines in the shirt as well as adding a different texture and level of shine to the outfit. 
I love how we put this outfit together, and I need to say a huge thank you to Marianne for sharing her pictures with me! 
That all being said…When do you want to go shopping? My October is COMPLETELY booked, and I already have clients starting to book in November! Yay! So, schedule soon if you’d like some assistance with holiday shopping! The holidays are crazy enough, make it easier on yourself by hiring me to help you pick out those perfect holiday dinner/holiday party outfits! My clients even say that I’m fun, and they enjoy shopping with me (even if they hated it before!)! I can’t wait to hear from you! 

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