Happy Friday, everyone! We did it! We made it to the weekend! This week’s #girlboss features someone who is technically my boss, Crystle Skinner! I am so honored that Crystle approached me to work as a stylist and style consultant for her new business, Styles for Miles, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for us! She is kind, strong, driven, and funny, so obviously, everyone loves her, because how can you not? When Crystle and I talk business, we both get excited about how things are going to progress, and I think that’s just one of the many qualities that make her a great boss.

Styles for Miles (and Crystle) will also be at the Lavallette Founders Day, TOMORROW, September 10th from 11am-5pm! This is a great way to check out her clothes and accessories in person!

Crystle wrote her own great introduction of how we met, so I’ll let her words do the rest of the talking!

Mrs. Crystle Skinner, Owner of Styles for Miles and Teacher

My name is Crystle Skinner. I work with Susan as a teacher and have just started my own business, a mobile clothing store called Styles for Miles, which will be launching and opening for business, in a few short months. I have been collaborating with Susan on this project and I am just so honored that she has chosen me as this week’s Girl Boss!

First off, I feel every woman is deserving of this empowering title every second of everyday! I actually think it should just be the title before every woman’s name really…..Hi my name is Girl Boss Crystle…..hahaha…I mean it could catch on, look at Scott Disick aka Lord Disick, right?  

I have always looked up to strong women or Girl Bosses, starting with my own mom. My admiration began seeing her work hard and grew from there as I had the pleasure to get to know and meet even more extraordinary women. I mean what eight year old has a healthy obsession with Oprah, and proudly displays her printed autographed photo from her for years? That’s right, ME!  I mean there is something pretty amazing about witnessing women who challenge the typical stereotypes, of women not being able to do something, because we are women! That’s crap and fuels my own desire to want to challenge it all! So thank you for the motivation! So without further ado, here is a little bit more about me.

I am a thirty year old mother of three, wife , perpetual college student, dreamer, thinker and officially now, Girl Boss!  I would say that my best quality is that I have a good heart. With whatever I do in life I always try and make sure there are good intentions behind it. I make a valiant effort to treat people kindly and with respect at all times. I am a big fan of Deepak Chopra, weird he works with Oprah, again it’s a healthy obsession haha but I believe in treating people kindly.

I feel my strongest, when I am actually at my weakest. When I am encountering and trying to push through something, even if it is a tough time, I feel my strongest because I know I will get through whatever it is that I am dealing with at that time. This past year was difficult for me and I have never felt stronger or more optimistic about the future, because of the speed bumps! When I have difficult days, my three children keep me going. I know it sounds “cliche” but I always want to make sure they are happy and healthy. If I am not operating at my best, well neither are they. Reed, Nash and Ryan deserve nothing more than the best. I also think that trying to look at the positive side of whatever the situation is helps to keep me going as well. When you live in a negative place it brings darkness and I want my life to be bright!

I value the fact that I am a hard worker and will persevere. I will do whatever it takes to make things a reality. It does not matter what the task is, I will complete it. I may have fifty things going on at one time, but they will all get done and I am always proud of my work. I value the fact that my family loves me no matter what. Their unconditional, unlimited and unwavering support and love thrills me beyond belief. They are my biggest fans three hundred and sixty five days a year.
I would say my greatest accomplishments in my career come when I get a message of thanks from my students or their families. I feel at that point that I am doing what I need to be doing to be considered “accomplished.”

I probably would have said to myself when I was younger, be nicer and listen to your teachers! “It’s okay to drink the water they are leading you to!” You are going to be a teacher one day and well that is a good example of irony so raise your hand right now!

I look forward to the launching of my new business, Styles for Miles Mobile Boutique and our online retail store. I also look forward to watching my kids continue to grow and become successful in whatever adventures they choose.

I think my biggest failure has also been my greatest gift of rebirth. I gave up on something that was extremely important to me. I lost sight of my perspective. With the hustle and bustle of daily life and distractions my priorities shifted and I failed at working hard for the first time in my life. Luckily, any failure is not the end of the world, if you take it as a learning experience. I learned a lot about why I need to stay true to myself and the things I value and find important. With a quick change of perspective it’s amazing how beautiful failure can be! So with that failure came a lot of positive things that I am exceptionally proud of, including going back to school, writing again, being a better mother, wife and person and FINALLY having the guts to  start my own business, Styles for Miles!  

Thank you Susan for being the first Girl Boss! Empowering other women is truly amazing, imagine the mountains we could move when we work on pushing each other forward, instead of down!


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