Happy Friday!! I have to say that I am so thrilled that not only do my friends and family want to participate in my #girlboss(es) Fabulous Female Friday posts, but their friends and family are willing to participate too! This week, I am featuring one of my best friend’s moms! Kate herself, will  be featured in a post later, but for now you get to read about her impressive mom, Jeanne!

Mrs. Jeanne Alusik

I am the director of the Children’s Corner BUMC, a nonprofit school and day care center that services children 2-6 years old.  I having been teaching at the school from 1988-2000 and have been the director since 2000.  I have 23 teachers and we service 120 families from our surrounding area.  My job is business manager and head teacher.   I work in conjunction with a school board for the fiscal management of the center and am responsible for the curriculum and the compliance of the center with both the DCF and the DOE of the State of New Jersey.  I love my job and the people I work with.  It is dynamic and it is a privilege to serve in this capacity.
My best quality which is really two qualities is that I’m resilient and relentless.  I don’t quit really ever unless it is the right thing to do.  And I am not embarrassed to say I made a mistake.  We learn from them and they bring us closer to our next success.
Actually I feel strongest literally after pushups-but I’m sure that’s not what you meant.  Being strong and being brave for me come from a belief that my position is correct.  I will do whatever I have to do to handle any situation in a fair, kind and thoughtful manner.  An innate belief that I have come to the right decision enables me to see whatever the situation is through to the end.
I value my work ethic the most. In my relationships the order of priorities for me is always God first, without Him I am nothing and have nothing.  Next is of course my family.  I am an extremely blessed person, I am thankful for the relationships I have with my husband, children and their spouses and of course the joys of my life my three grandchildren. For all of them I think I am a good partner, a sounding board and a strong and faithful ally. After family it’s my job, I am dedicated to my work and to the families and their children who attend my school.
Because I am faith motivated, what I value most is being in a position that may enable me to make a difference in some people’s lives. My profession puts me square in the path of young families and all the issues they have to deal with.  I am available and accessible, and my center is a superior place, staffed with highly educated, well trained and loving women who are all called, like me, to be part of our school families journey.  
I would tell my younger self to trust my instincts more.  That I’m good enough just the way I am and was.  September 11 taught me the gift of the present.  I would tell my younger self, every second is a gift, pay attention and be thankful.  I was always six steps ahead of myself.  The present is where we live, don’t waste so much time on tomorrow or yesterday.
I am looking forward to time with my children and Grandchildren.  Everybody is growing so fast, I love when I get to be with them and just hang out, shop or play and of course eat.  They are all my most precious gift.
I don’t really believe in failure, to me it’s all process.  Failure can be our greatest moment because it has the power to reshape our attitudes and our direction.    I wish I had a great example, but the one that is haunting me is so mundane.  It was a fight I had with my husband.  I don’t remember what it was about or even what we said, but I remember his face when I said something smart, in my perspective true, and cutting.  He didn’t say anything he just looked at me and I knew I hurt him in a way he would never hurt me.  I learned just because I think I’m right that does not give me the right to hurt or be mean.  Self-justification or the need to be right or to win or whatever is not as important as trust.  I never before realized that his emotional safety was mine to protect from the self-righteous me that spoke to him in that way.  Don’t miss understand, I’m not saying don’t disagree, or don’t stick up for yourself I’m saying treat everyone with respect and dignity. Everyone deserves it, in that moment I learned the power of words. And I learned to forever use my super powers for good. 

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