Happy Fabulous Female Friday, everyone! This week’s #girlboss post features someone who I am honored to be related to! She’s my mom’s older sister, my Aunt Maria! Both my mom (who you will hopefully be reading about soon!) and my Aunt Maria have been and continue to be such great strong role models. I am thankful that they share their experiences with me, and encourage me push myself!

Mrs. Maria Hahn, CFO
My position is Chief Financial Officer for venture capital firm and I have been in this position for about 30 years.  I have been responsible for the administration and financial operations of the firm.
1.     I would say that my best quality is integrity.
2.     I feel my strongest when successfully completing a difficult project.
On my most difficult days I think of difficult times in the past that I was able to work through  successfully.  Having confidence in oneself is key.
3.     I most value that I have the ability to share with others some of the blessings that I have.  I accomplish this through various volunteer activities.  Having a loving and supportive husband and family enables me to be a better person.  I value the joy that I receive from having them in my life.
4.     My greatest accomplishment has been completing my education which gave me the confidence I needed to embark on a successful career path.  At the time I was a single parent and was fortunate enough to realize that without an education, my options for providing for my child were very limited.
5.     I would advise my younger self not to minimize the importance of getting an education immediately after high school and to heed the advice of teachers and advisors who have my best interest at heart.
6.     I will be retiring soon and look forward to enjoying time with family and friends and seeing more of the world.

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