Today, I had the absolute pleasure of shopping with my good friend, Vinny who was one of my winners of my first giveaway (don’t worry, there will be other giveaways, if you missed the first one!)! We started the day with a closet makeover, where Vinny and I went through his closet together and got rid of the clothes that weren’t the right fit or style, or that were showing too many signs of wear and needed to go.

After our closet makeover, we went shopping! Vinny’s wife, Mandy (who you’ll read about in one of my Fabulous Female Friday posts) came along with us, and the three of us had a blast! Vinny surprised both of us with his impressive taste in colorful, printed, shirts, ties, and socks!! We spent today’s shopping focusing on work attire, and we ended up getting six shirts, four ties, two blazers, five pairs of socks, two pairs of shoes, and we’re ordering two pairs of pants! While I loved everything that Vinny got today, I think my favorite purchase of the day is this amazing mint blazer. Yes, you read that correctly, I definitely said “mint blazer”.

At first, I saw it and thought “that’s interesting…”, and I’m pretty sure that Mandy and Vinny had the same thought when they saw me holding it. Then we decided that Vinny should try it on, because “why not”, and then we were all shocked when we saw how much he rocked it! The color and the fit were seriously made for him. AND!! It was only $50! We were excited. Obviously, Vinny had to go home with it.

Vinny’s outfit has EVERYTHING – mixed patterns, a few gorgeous pops of color, lots of texture, and some serious shine.

Hey there, handsome!!
These faux suede gray shoes are just the best. 

Just a sample of Vinny’s great finds today! 

Check out those sexy socks!

You know what also makes me a very happy stylist? When my clients are so excited about their new clothes that they try on some of their combinations of their recent purchases, and then send me more pictures! Thanks, Mandy and Vinny!!

Shoes: Black and Gray
Shirts and Socks: Express
Ties: Floral and Similar polka dot
Blazers: Gorgeous Mint Green (I never thought I would say that about a men’s blazer, but I am happy to be proven wrong!)

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