This was my first time going to Las Vegas, and I can honestly say that I did not indulge in any of the typical debauchery activities that the city offers.  I feel that’s important to mention, because I want you to know that what I felt while I was there was truly genuine and not influenced by the bright lights and buzz of the city. 

My first trip to Vegas was actually my very first business trip! With my primary career being a teacher, and my styling business being relatively new, business trips haven’t happened for me. 

I was hired by a friend of mine, Crystle to be the stylist/style consultant for her new women’s clothing and accessory business, that she will be launching in the next few months (Stay tuned about that!!!)! I am so honored that she thought of me for this position, and the level of excitement that I have had about it, since she first approached me about it, has just been off the charts…or so I thought, because when we got to Vegas, and we walked into the Las Vegas Convention Center to participate in the MAGIC trade show, I thought I was seriously going to explode with excitement. 

There are a lot of different types of excitement that people can experience in a lifetime, and I don’t think it’s fair to compare them, because they’re all so different and wonderful for their own reasons. However, just speaking about the exciting moments in my career (so far), this was the most excited I think I have ever been. 
The energy in the two convention centers was just electric, and it beat any caffeine buzz I have ever had (and that says a lot, considering this past school year, I would start the day with a venti red eye from Starbucks, and also have at least a grande coffee to beat that 1:00pm crash). 
It was just incredible to be around all of the different designers, some who were brand new and others who are known worldwide (Katy Perry was even there launching her new footwear line! We got to see her for about 20 seconds. It was still pretty awesome.). MAGIC was so overwhelming, but in such a good way. 
Crystle and I started our first full day by attending a seminar by Mercedes Gonzalez. The seminar was about how to get the most out of your experience at MAGIC.  Her words were empowering, as was all of her experience and knowledge about the fashion industry. It was seriously the perfect way to kick off our experience as a new business owner and a new stylist.
This was the way that Mercedes ended her seminar:
“Dear optimist, pessimist, and realist, While you were busy arguing about the glass of water, I drank it (the opportunist)” #IDrankYourWaterBitch (we added the hashtag)
Prior to our trip, Crystle and I had been in constant contact regarding her vision for her business. With my style expertise, I gave her my suggestions for items to sell that would be the most successful. We spent a lot of time sending each other links to different wholesale websites that had a few pieces that we liked, but while we were at MAGIC, we quickly learned the benefits of actually seeing and feeling everything in person. We tried to look at different brands ahead of time, to seek out at the convention, but because of the size, it was too much. 
We ended up doing the opposite of what they suggest for MAGIC newcomers, and we wandered. We did have a plan regarding what sections we wanted to explore and what seminars we wanted to attend, but we left it at that. We were too new, and we didn’t want to miss anything. That strategy really worked to our advantage, because we came across several brands that were perfect for Crystle’s business. The women working at each exhibit were patient while working with us, and equally excited for us, which was a great feeling. Crystle and I both left the show that night feeling completely confident in our selections and purchases, and we would purchase everything for ourselves.

After we receive our items, Crystle will be having a launch party. She is also going to sell her pieces online. We have lots of fun ideas planned, and I cannot WAIT to share them all with you, but unfortunately, in the meantime, we’ll all just have to be patient…and for those of you who know me, you know how much I am TERRIBLE at being patient (especially when I’m excited), but this is SO worth it!

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