Happy Fabulous Female Friday!! We’re already at our fifth fabulous female! Are you excited? I know I am!

Our fifth #girlboss is a friend and coworker of mine, Mrs. Courtney Lawrence! I was fortunate enough to meet Courtney, when I started working at Grice Middle School in 2013! We didn’t get to talk a lot that first year, but every interaction I had with her, no matter how brief, was always so nice! My second year at Grice, we had our morning duty together (before I went on maternity leave), and we chatted every day! Courtney has this energy about her that is so refreshing. She is seriously a ray of sunshine to any room she walks into, and she is a total sweetheart to anyone that comes into her life. Not only is she sweet, but she is so strong (emotionally and physically – I mean, forget “Michelle Obama Arms”, let’s talk about “Courtney Lawrence Arms” #goals).

Like most teachers, Courtney has another job (actually more than just one, if I’m not mistaken). The job that Courtney decided to talk about is her journey with working as a Younique Presenter.

Courtney Lawrence, Younique Presenter
I would be lying if I said money wasn’t my motivation when I first started, because it was.  Things were rough with my husband’s health and I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to pay our mortgage with my salary alone on our brand new house we recently purchased.  I truly felt that I was given this opportunity to help us for a reason.  So I ordered the presenter’s kit with one goal: MAKE THAT $99 back and enjoy the $250 worth of makeup I am given in this kit. 

Long story short, my motivation had quickly changed.  My goal was to gain self-confidence, while sharing my journey. Throughout my life, I never felt pretty or powerful or even in control of me.  I had never taken a selfie or talked about myself publicly.  Suddenly, it’s happening day by day.  I’m learning more and more about makeup and meeting some really sweet and amazing women.  I am being inspired by people who I have never met.  Finally, I feel good, actually great about myself. When you have confidence, it makes you smile ear to ear every day. 
Yet again, my motivation changed, once I gained the confidence I needed to love myself.  And this is actually what I love about being a Younique presenter.  I am now uplifting other women.  I am no longer insecure about myself, and I realize how important it is to compliment other women, rather than be jealous of them.  So many woman are insecure, which sends hate to one another. I wanted to be the one to send love to each woman I work with, and have it catch on.  For me, the picture was suddenly clear; I wanted to help women feel beautiful and secure on the inside out.  

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