I already posted this on Facebook, but just in case it doesn’t show up in your feed, and you’re dying to know who won… the winners are… Melissa Hooper and Vincent Johnson!! Congratulations, guys! I cannot wait to set up a date for our session! I will post pictures of how amazing they look in a blog post here, so that you all can see how much fun we had!

If any of you would still like to schedule a “not makeover, makeover”, message me!! It’s $50/hour, and most sessions are only a few hours. We’ll go shopping together. I’ll help you pick out outfits that you feel incredible in and are practical for your lifestyle. We’ll pick out accessories and shoes to complete your outfit. Then, for my ladies, we will have some fun with a little hair and makeup! I’ll have you get dressed in your favorite new outfit, and we’ll take some pictures!

The whole time we’re together, I will be teaching you about why things work (in regard to fashion/style). We’ll talk about all the different ways you can wear your new pieces, and pair them with your current wardrobe.

We will have fun together (I promise), and my current clients can attest to that!

Congrats again, Melissa and Vinny! The rest of you, I hope to hear from you all soon! Enjoy your weekend!!

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