I went shopping with my mom this week at Anthropologie, and thanks to her, I found this super soft chambray romper! Just like dresses and jumpsuits, rompers are a perfect, easy, summer “go to”. The “one piece factor” can be so helpful, when you’re trying to get dressed quickly and get out the door, but still look stylish!

Not having a great hair day? That’s what adorable, summer hats are for! Didn’t feel like putting a lot of effort into your eye makeup this morning? Umm, these sunglasses are perfect, and there’s so much detail in them, that no one will notice your lack of eyeliner. The lace up gladiator sandals are amazing, because they’re flat and comfortable, but they look so chic! They immediately add something unique to your outfit. And, you already know how I feel about a good piece of jewelry, especially a statement necklace.

Romper here
Hat something similar
Sandals here
Sunglasses here
Crossbody bag featured in my post, here
Necklace is from Anthropologie, but it’s not currently on their website, and I’m having some difficult finding something similar… but as soon as I do, it will be on here!

I included links to as many of the pieces my outfit as I could find, for you! Feel free to check them out, OR feel free to get in touch, and I can help you put together an equally stylish outfit that works for you!

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