When it seems like the entire country is experiencing a heat wave, it’s important to stay cool (and look cool). A lightweight dress like this one allows you to feel a breeze (if there is one!), rather than wearing something that fits closer to the body.

The floral print on this dress allows me to completely embrace summer, despite the fact that everyone is ready to start talking about fall! Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE fall! It’s my favorite season (my husband, son, and I all have our birthdays during fall!)! However, there’s a lot that I love about the summer too, and this dress definitely says summer to me!

That little red spot on my left knee is one of my surgery scars! It’s super tiny and is healing nicely (thanks for asking). That tiny black spot on my right shin is probably a bug…


Those sandals can be found here, and they were also featured in this blog post!

The dress is originally from Forever21, but sold out. Here’s a similar one.

My necklace is from Anthropologie!

I just realized that this is my first post that shows off my new ink! Don’t worry, you’ll see better pictures of it soon, I’m sure (or check out my Instagram page). Frank Rudy at Central Tattoo Studio is amazing. You really can’t go wrong with any of the artists there. They are all the best of the best, especially in watercolor, graphic designs, and trash polka (and like in mine, combining all of those elements for a truly kick ass piece of art!).

This is that gorgeous bracelet that I have been wearing non stop since our trip to Kennett Square from  Salt & Stone!

My little man was running around with my husband, while we were taking pictures. So, after we finished, we went to find them at one of the playgrounds in the park! Little Tony got excited about seeing his Uncle Nate, so he had to point to him!

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