#girlboss #lifegoals

For me, it’s more like #girlboss = #lifegoals. I never thought that I would ever write a sentence with that many hashtags in it, but in this situation, it seemed fitting.

I have always been incredibly fortunate to have so many amazing female role models in my life (my mom and my sister especially). In these #girlboss posts that I will be sharing with you every Friday for “Fabulous Female Friday”, I am focusing on those women, who are their own bosses or working to become a boss in their field.

To kick off this series of posts, I started with someone who has been in my life longer than anyone who isn’t blood related to me. We’ve used the terms “best friend”, “twin”, among others to describe our lifelong friendship, and I love all of it! We are definitely part of each other’s families, and I am honored to be included in her life. She isn’t her own boss yet, but she is absolutely on her way there! She’s quite the busy lady, so I asked her a few questions (which you may see with some of the other women that I write about), and here are her responses!

Without further adieu,

Dr. Patricia Sullivan, Neurosurgery Resident

1. What would you describe as your best quality?
Empathy – it’s the key to building a legit team.
2. What keeps pushing you forward during your biggest challenges with your work?
The knowledge that I am doing what I was meant to do. I stayed true to 5 year old me. Sometimes I look at old pictures of myself to remember.

3. What have been your biggest accomplishments and/or proudest moments so far in your career?
Surviving my second year of residency and gaining confidence with the neurosurgery basics. I feel confident that I can triage and manage the sickest patient in the hospital, even if I am alone.

4. What do you look forward to the most?
I look forward to building my family when residency is finally over.

I mean, what’s not to be impressed by Dr. Sullivan: she’s brilliant, she’s talented, and she’s gorgeous! Thanks for always being my friend, Patti!! #twinsforever




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