It’s Friday! Yay! I am so excited to feature my sister in-law for my second “Fabulous Female Friday” post! If you liked my Facebook page, then you have been lucky enough to see Alicia’s gorgeous face, whenever someone shared the post for the free session!

Alicia’s work is all beautifully detailed. When you visit her website, you’ll see a piece titled “Over the Ocean Blue”. She created that for our son, before he was born, to fit in with the other whale wall decorations in his nursery.
She made sure to include our three cats and our dog, and knowing their personalities as well as she does, she perfectly captured that in her illustration. Her attention to detail shows how she is when she is in any situation. She can be perceived as quiet, initially, but when you get to know her, you’ll see that she’s taking it all in and observing first, before she jumps in with her great sense of humor balanced with her kind words and wonderful, caring, heartfelt thoughts!

Here’s Alicia’s story of how she got to this point in her career so far, in her own words:

Alicia Padron, Freelance Artist/Illustrator
It’s a nice story to hear, the ones who can easily say: “I’ve known
exactly what I wanted to be since I was a kid.”
I didn’t. I honestly had no clue what I wanted to do. The only
consistency was an interest in art, and stories. People had to
convince me I had a knack for drawing since I didn’t always believe
it, and I certainly doubted it would get me anywhere.
I’ve always had fears, anxieties, and a hell of a lot of
self-criticism, which often made me want to give up before having even
started anything. We all face it, but the encouragement and support
from family was probably a big factor in why I even pursued being an
artist, and continues to be a well of motivation I can fortunately
Once I started studying illustration though it became pretty clear
this was where I wanted, needed to be. Art always has some kind of
story to tell, but getting to explore the different ways we can
communicate with it, explicitly or not is really fascinating to me.
Granted, I have varying opinions about some art, but it doesn’t make
it any less valuable because being able to stir emotion is the essence
of what we all strive for I think.
I know for me it’s often times just having a person smile, to brighten
their mood, from seeing a simple drawing and knowing you made that
happen. Especially if I’ve been able to create something personal for
them, knowing you’ve made something special, and getting that kind of
opportunity. I relish being able to share a connection like that with
I would say though, being able to physically hold a finished comic
book I did the artwork for was probably my proudest moment so far. It
was a huge challenge, but a really exciting opportunity. I hadn’t
collaborated with anyone before, but getting to explore a written
world while being allowed to flesh it out from my own perspective, and
being fortunate enough to have a strong compatibility with the authors
only reassured me about my career. This is why I’m here.

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