Aside from fashion, some of my favorite obsessions include Hulu, a good Starbucks barista, and Birchbox. Don’t get me wrong, I also love being active and working out…and food (I’m normally a healthy eater, but my diet can occasionally be described as “an unchaperoned five year old at a birthday party”)… but there’s a reason that I brought up Hulu, Starbucks, and Birchbox!

All three, Hulu, Starbucks, and Birchbox make an attempt to get to know me based on my interests that are related to their service! Hulu has recommendations based on shows it knows that I watch (thanks for “The Mindy Project” recommendation, Hulu!! Nice work!). A good Starbucks barista may suggest other highly caffeinated beverages based on my daily attendance… or they’ll just confirm the order with me, so that my decaffeinated, zombie, early morning self doesn’t have to attempt to speak prior to drinking my coffee. Birchbox sends me amazing beauty products, that I always love and are tailored to my beauty needs…of which there are many…and current trends, which I love to try! 
I think it’s fair to say that a lot of us can agree with the idea that we like it when people get to know our interests and then choose things for us. There’s that exciting feeling of trying something new, but a comfort knowing that it might be something similar to things we already enjoy. 
I’m sure that some of my female readers have tried or are currently using Stitch Fix. I don’t mean to complain about their service, but it didn’t work for me. I had a few successful pieces, which I have adopted into my wardrobe, but I never got the personal experience with my stylist that so many raved about. I didn’t like that an algorithm helped choose my clothes. I also don’t really like the idea that strangers were choosing my clothes. 
In addition to or instead of using Stitch Fix, you may have relied on an employee of a favorite store to help you with your shopping. Now, this experience can be much more of a personal one. You can make sure that you only work with one person, and you can possibly get to know them over time. My dad, for example, before he retired, worked with a gentleman at Nordstrom every time he needed new clothes. But, when you use a store employee, you’re limited to what that store carries. Of course, they can order things for you, but what if you want it now? What if you need it for an event the next day? Then, you have to go to another store(s), and you’re already tired and feeling done with your shopping expedition.
That’s where I come in! 

I am fortunate to know some of you already, and I would like to get to know all of my readers! With me, you have options. Be exact or be vague. Event shopping, seasonal, or just because. In person or online. Approval before purchasing or “just surprise me”. Tall, grande, or venti sized budgets (that’s small, medium, or large (actually, it’s 20 for 20oz of delicious coffee) for those of you who can go to Starbucks without everyone knowing your name). 
There are no picky or difficult clients. When you’re happy, I’m happy, and I’ll keep shopping until you’re smiling and stylish. 
If I had a reality TV show, that would definitely be my tagline. 
But seriously, if it’s been a little while since you have spent quality time looking over your clothes, and you don’t even know if you love what you see anymore, I’ll come and help you! If you don’t want to buy new clothes, and you just want ways to update your current selection, I can help with that too. If you want to completely change your style, add a different type of style or trend(s), that’s all easy for me.  
This is what I do. It’s what I’ve always done, and I’m kind of awesome at it…just kidding, I’m totally awesome at it. 
So, let’s schedule some time to chat about you and your clothes! 

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