Something that you’ll notice when we talk style, is that I am always excited when a client is willing to go outside of their comfort zone. Don’t worry, I will ease you slowly out of your comfort zone, so you won’t be terrified. We’ll meet and chat. We’ll go through your current wardrobe, so that I can get acquainted with your current comfort zone, and then I’ll teach you how to branch out!

In order to not be a hypocrite, I push myself out of my own comfort zone with my style constantly! One of my recent “pushes” was with a new pair of glasses! I think I have been wearing those round frames more than my usual “go to” black square frames.

Most recently, I purchased a jumpsuit for myself! The idea of the jumpsuit is not outside of my norm. I love one piece outfits – dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, etc. because they make assembling an outfit that much easier! You have one piece, add some shoes and accessories, and you’re done! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

This particular jumpsuit that I purchased (from anthropologie) has cropped palazzo pants. I’m 5’2″, so normally cropped pants can be tough, and palazzo pants are usually a no no for my petite frame. (For those of you that don’t know, palazzo pants are pants that have such a wide leg, that they give the illusion of a skirt. They are another trend that is making a comeback.) Anyway, despite the fact that I was worried about what I knew about those styles, I also know how trendy both styles are right now, and I figured that I would try it on.

Side bar rant: The worst thing that happens when you try something on is that you decide not to buy it, and you carry on living your life. Believe it or not, clothes do not have any negative power over you, especially when you try them on. Not everything is going to look amazing on you, and that’s ok. Only wear what makes you feel great. (notice I said “great”, not just “good”, not “ok”, definitely not “bad”, and never just buy something ONLY because it’s comfortable. If it’s comfortable and makes you feel great, BUY IT! But if the only reason that you like something is because it’s comfortable, it’s not worth your money.)

Now, to my jumpsuit:

Love this Coach carryall. SO versatile! 

I paired the jumpsuit with Michael Kors heels (thanks, Marianne!!) that have a heel of about 4″ or so. When you’re already short (like me!), and you’re wearing something that hits your leg past your knee, it is crucial to wear a high heel, otherwise, your legs are going to look stumpy no matter what kind of body type you have. 

What kind of trends are you curious about trying? 
Let’s go shopping, and I can show you how you can make them work! 

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