Hi guys!!

Sorry it’s been all about the ladies, lately! You have been on my mind! Some of my awesome male clients have been sending me pictures lately of their outfits that they have selected (pending my approval, of course) for work or for an event!

Here, one of my male clients is wearing a light pink shirt, a navy with white polka dots tie, gray pants, a black belt, and black shoes. The navy and white polka dot tie gets a lot of mileage with so many outfits, because navy can be paired with so much! Navy works with black, it works with brown, it can be paired with cool or warm tones. It’s just a great color. The polka dots are a classic print that add a little interest to an outfit without screaming “CHECK OUT MY TIE!! ISN’T IT LOUD?” Gentlemen, we need to talk about your tie collection, but I’ll come back to that.

Our next picture is an excellent example of one of my guys following my rules for mixing patterns! We have a small pattern in the shirt paired with a small pattern in the tie with complimenting colors. Can we also discuss how great your arms look when you roll up your sleeves? Good stuff.

I am definitely proud of this client’s outfit that he sent to me, before going out for an event. This is one of my naturally stylish clients, who I am always thrilled to help, because he already has an impressive collection of clothes and accessories (we are definitely kindred fashion spirits, for sure). I love everything about this outfit. The rose colored chinos are toned down by a navy blazer and navy and magenta printed shirt, and the pop of color and extra pattern in the pocket square is the best finishing touch! 
This client also loves to wear bowties, so I suggested a chambray bowtie (like this one) if he wanted to add his signature to this look. The material of the chambray keeps it casual as opposed to going with a traditional silk tie. 

Ok, now for our discussion about ties. I know that I already said this once before, but stop buying a shirt with a matching tie. Your ties need to stop matching your shirts. They shouldn’t “match”, they should “go”.  Another reason those matching shirt and tie sets are terrible, is that the style of the tie is dated. The tie is usually very wide, which is unflattering for most male torsos. You don’t have to go for the super skinny ties, but you will look modern by wearing narrower ties than what your dad and/or grandfather wears/wore. 
If you’re confused about what “goes”, check out a color wheel. 
After you have decided on a color tie to pair with your shirt, consider going with a pattern. Confused about how to do that? Read this! 
I think that a lot of us tend to have some emotional attachments to certain articles of clothing that we own, especially if they were gifts. Ties tend to be an easy gift to give to a man, so a lot of my clients have a difficult time getting rid of ties, because “it was a present from __________” or “___________ gave it to me”. Just like any other article of clothing, if you don’t wear it, get rid of it. You don’t have to throw it away, you can donate it. Think of it this way, it doesn’t have to go home, but it can’t stay here. 
Also, if it’s stained or has a pull in it, those are also deal breakers that mean, get rid of it. 
If going through your tie collection doesn’t sound like something you want to do, but you know you need to, invite me over! 

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