Happy Summer!! This weekend, I attended the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. It was my second time – my first being two years ago. As a musician, this festival is awesome. It’s four days of constant music of varying genres in (usually) gorgeous summer weather. It’s the perfect way to kick off the season. As a stylist, it’s a fascinating exhibition of fashion choices.

The choices can be broken down into a few different, distinct categories (Yay! A bolded list! Who doesn’t love a bolded list!)

1. Practical
Because the festival is all outdoors, and the majority of people in attendance camp for the four days, some of the fashion choices are more practical rather than stylish. The practical attendees were in some kind of sneaker or supportive sandal, shorts, and a t-shirt (usually something witty or sports related). Nothing too fancy, but that’s ok, because these were the guys and gals who you bet did not end up with awkward tan lines by the end of Sunday, and their feet were also most likely not beat up and filthy.

My favorite guys (my husband and our bestie aka my photographer) fell into the practical category! See guys! You only thought you weren’t going to be featured on my blog! Both guys were showing their Philly love! Nater wore one of his Phillies shirts, and Tony wore his shirt from when we did the Rocky 10k.

2. Trendy 
There are so many fun trends that translate perfectly for a music festival! Let’s work from the bottom up. 
  • For footwear, converse, keds, and gladiator sandals were definitely the way to go. I also saw the occasional ankle boot, which was cute, but it would not have been my first choice for such a long, hot day (especially without socks). 
  • Bottoms consisted mostly of shorts. Denim shorts were the top choice, but there were some lace and shorts with fun prints as well. A few skirts – more maxis than minis. A lot of rompers and maxi dresses too. And of course there were some less conventional bottoms, but that will be in another category…
  • Tops – for women, crop tops were everywhere! There was a lot of variety with the crop tops – with sleeves, sleeveless, halter, spaghetti strap, strapless, printed, solid, etc. Men were mostly shirtless, but those who were wearing a top were in t-shirts or tanks (sun’s out, gun’s out!).
  • Accessories – SUNGLASSES (I guess this is a “duh” for accessories). Lots of round framed sunglasses. Headbands for the ladies! They were mostly floral headbands (think snapchat). I opted for a metal, gold, leaf hand band for myself! 

Mostly subtle jewelry (chokers or delicate necklaces), with the occasional, fun body jewelry. Cross body bags or (I never thought I’d have to say this again) fanny packs… Hey there, 90’s. It’s been a while, but welcome back! 
I came across these stylish ladies and gentlemen, who were kind enough to let me take their picture for my blog! I love their style, and they were sweethearts too! What a great combination! Also, can we talk about how amazing they look despite the heat! 
3. Unique? 
I want to be gentle when I discuss this category, because I think there is something to be said for the people who chose to dress like this. I admire their creativity, their courage, and when there was more than one of them, their themes. 
At a summer musical festival like Firefly, while my preference lies with the trendy and stylish, you’re allowed to let your quirkiness show in full. You can dress however you’d like while dancing and singing your heart out. 
We saw a small group of people dressed like fairies, a lot of American flag themed outfits (head to toe), speedos, thongs, tie dyed shirts with cats, sombreros, and other fun concepts. 
Firefly had approximately 90,000 people in attendance, and one of the many things that was so great about it, was that all 90,000 were allowed to represent themselves with their style however they wanted! There was so much confidence with body image, it was truly awesome. 

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