My family, friends, and clients are awesome. I could just leave it at that, because that statement is enough, but I have to share with you one of the MANY reasons why! Ever since I posted about Color, Pattern, Texture, and ShineMixing Patterns for Womenand Men, people have been coming up to me and showing me their outfits, and telling me how I have inspired them! I haven’t taken pictures of all of them, but here are two!

Here’s my wonderful friend, coworker, and sanity saver, Marianne rocking lots of perfectly matched patterns and colors:
Isn’t she gorgeous? She’s also my assistant, and I adore her! 
Another gorgeous lady that I have in my life, my sister, Sara sent me a picture of the incredibly stylish outfit that she put together! 
While, she’s not in the picture with her clothes, I’m sure she totally rocked this outfit, because she always does! 
That being said, keep the pictures and kind words coming my way! I love and appreciate all of them! Thank you!! 

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